I did one stupid mistake when trying to sell on Amazon and this happened – Sell On Amazon

I did one stupid mistake when trying to sell on Amazon and this happened - Sell On Amazon

Before you try to sell on Amazon, please make sure you don’t do what I did. X0X0 Renae

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44 Thoughts to “I did one stupid mistake when trying to sell on Amazon and this happened – Sell On Amazon”

  1. Before you try to sell on Amazon, please make sure you don’t do what I did. X0X0 Renae

  2. When you said Jeff I laughed I was thinking you have to email the CEO? Lol

  3. Hi I watched several of your Amazon FBA videos. What I don't understand (maybe I am dense and missed it) is how to select a VA who can do what your VA did for you? Exactly what am I looking for that person to do? Also why did you know use FIVVER?

  4. Make sure you check your profit margin and aren't afraid of losing money trying to rank via reviews and advertising. Know your market well and you'll make money!

  5. Hello. I luv your honest videos of whats happening with your Amazon trials and tribulations. I sold on Amazon for 6 years. I own a retail auto parts store in northern CA. I had over $7 million listed on Amazon. I sold car parts to all over the world. Its definitely a tough job especially dealing with auto parts. Ever since Amazon started forcing sellers to take back anything and everything a few years ago, its no longer worth it to sell online so I stopped. People buy parts, install them in their car, then when it doesn't fix their problem, they just return it. Most people know how to scam the system and claim its "defective" which Amazon then forces us to have to pay the return shipping for the customer to send it back to me. This started happening immediately once Amazon forced sellers to accept all returns within 30 days of receipt of the item. I fought with Amazon constantly. Our warranty policy is exchange only which usually stops the fake defective claims, but Amazon doesn't care. Trying to get ahold of a live human being at Amazon that can actually help you is almost impossible. They only want to communicate by email so they have a written account of all the conversations back and forth. When you do talk to them on the phone, just know they are recording your conversation so be VERY careful what you say. Also, they will not talk to you AT ALL and will hang up IMMEDIATELY if they think you are also recording the same phone call that they themselves are recording. Record it anyways if you can just so you have a personal record of what was said or what is needed to be done. Just don't ever tell them that. I also stopped selling on Amazon because they are my, and your, competition. I sell branded parts, Raybestos brakes, Wix filters, Monroe shocks, Felpro gaskets, etc. Amazon tracks everything you and I sell of branded items using their own metrics. For example, if I start selling a Raybestos brake pad set for a new 2019 Honda accord, an almost 2 year old car that probably will start needing to replace pads soon, Amazon tracks it. If 3,000 other auto parts stores on Amazon also start selling that same Raybestos brake pad and Amazons metrics see that the pad set has been sold 5,000 times in the last 6 months between all the vendors selling it on their platform, then AMAZON ADDS IT TO THEIR OWN INVENTORY!! They become our competition and they put the part in stock in their own warehouse and then of course, undercut the rest of us and sell it cheaper than us auto parts stores can. If the pad set costs me $25, we try to sell it for $42. Amazons fee to the seller is 15%, $6, the shipping is probably going to be about $8 for us, leaving us a whopping $3 profit!! When Amazon puts it in stock, they sell it for about $32 because they don't charge themselves the sellers fee and they get the best shipping rates from USPS/UPS/FEDEX and probably only pay about $4 to ship that same pad set. So Amazon can sell it for $10 less than I can, they probably bought the same pad from Raybestos for $23 because they buy so much. So Amazon under cuts me and every other seller on Amazon by $10 and ends up making about $5 on the item. So basically they just stopped me from selling my part on Amazon and everyone else bcuz they are now all our competition and they did it using the metrics from the sales I sold and every other auto parts store who sold on their platform. Its even worse than that, but I wont bore you with more problems Amazon is causing. I could literally write essays on how Amazon is destroying small businesses. I buy nothing from Amazon ever. I wont support them at all. Oh, and the Jeff@Amazon.com email is supposedly emailing Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, directly. Jeff himself has told people to email him using this email. However, it doesn't really go to Jeff Bezos, it goes to one of his many assistants who never answer or respond to that email anyways. Its just another waste of time emailing the back and forth and getting no responses because Amazon just doesn't care. They are so big and powerful and they don't need us little guys, we NEED them and they know it. I wont sell on their platform ever again and I buy nothing from them, nor do I shop at whole foods, which is owned by Amazon for those of you that don't know that yet. As I said, I could literally write essays about Amazon, but I'll stop here. You or anyone is welcome to contact me if you would like more direct 1st hand knowledge of selling on Amazon. Good luck to you all.

  6. Maybe this Jeff guy is Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon. 🤔

  7. I had been selling on Amazon (fba wholesale) for about 3 months and I got my account suspended. I got hit with an inauthentic claim despite the fact that I purchased all my inventory from authorized distributors! I submitted all my invoices but Amazon wouldn’t accept them.

    To get your account back, you have to submit a Plan of Action, which is the long document she’s referring to in this video. Because of the complexities of trying to deal with Amazon directly, I went to an attorney that specializes in creating these. This process takes awhile (especially because of Covid-19) but I was told I should get my account back by the end of May!

    Lessons learned: DO NOT put all your eggs in one basket! Create multiple streams of income for yourself.

  8. I'm a guy and I find the content on this channel much better than other male Youtuber douchebags with their Lamborghinis trying to sell me their 1997$ course every other sentence, there is just something authentic about this channel

  9. Maybe already answered but Jeff@amaxon.com is Jeff Bezos the owner and probably richest man in the world.

  10. Wayyyyy too much rambling… (love'ya though!)

  11. well i really like how honest this channel is i'll subscribe and keep on waching

  12. this is what dumb people do, they try to get away with stuff and end up getting suspended from Amazon. Trying to get gift cards for fake reviews, and stuff like
    That. You will always get caught, then if you try to make another account they'll
    Find out and suspend that one too. If you let other people use your account that will get you suspended too. All the Guru's??? You are worse than they are!

  13. I have to say I'm extremely happy I found your page. when I heard paralysis by analysis I knew exactly what you meant. I definitely need a VA after watching your videos. Thank you.

  14. I am less concerned with "male friendly" and more concerned with "terrified moron-who-is-likely-to-make-this-mistake-friendly"

  15. Have you tried Merch by Amazon. Another way to make money on Amazon While you wait for your account be reinstated. This is a different store. You sell t shirt. You should look it up. I got my account suspended b4 i tried the jeff@amazon email and it work for me. But look up Merch by Amazon that's the piece of cheese 🧀. Lesgo!!!!…

  16. I had opened Amazon Hand made account last year and had one product listed. It was crickets for months zero orders or views and that's when they were still charging $39 dollars a month just for a shop. I had to shut it down. Then about three months ago I reopened it as they now wave that fee . I haven't had the time or knowledge yet to start adding products again. Plus Renea, you told us to Trademark all our products before we list them on Amazon. So that's another obstacle I need to face. Over all though Amazon not charging a monthly subscription fee to list in Hand Made is a positive in my book. Christine Santana Honey Bee Maison Couture

  17. Just became an official Social Sorceresses and going through the course my 2nd time after binging; believe me Fellas, there are Social Sorcerers in the group and her training/info applies to anyone who wants to sign up! 🙂 I am learning and seeing things in different POVs for my niche.
    Lol you are giving me flash backs of the hours of going back and forth with Amazon reps via overseas phone transfers and emails showing docs and proofs, and trying to ungate categories (Groceries was the hardest for me). The Amazon groups I'm in are hilarious when we share our experiences and face palm moments lol
    Jeff @ Amazon email is supposedly sent to a group of his specialists to help expedite your issues but who knows. Missing that Amazon phone call is the pits too- you have to hold your breath and sleep next to your phone. (Did Retail Arbitrage, Private Label, and Handmade Amazon)

  18. It happened to me. Still figuring out how to fix it.

  19. I do FBA! Jeff is Jeff Bezos' office team. The head of Amazon. I have been selling amazon FBA for my main income for over a decade!

  20. "If the training works and it increases sales who cares what color it is" that quote 😍🤣🤣 learning from you is better than learning from kindda gurus 😂😂😂

  21. Jeff AT Amazon DOT com as in Jeff Besoz?

  22. Renae how is arbitrage shady in the least? Its literally buy low sell high. And the stuff is already here in the USA. Get on the money train lol!

  23. Who is your assistant? She… Gives you the best advise

  24. Just started a couple of weeks ago and unable to give a miss on any new notification from your channel. I had to ask this- Is there something like a pro help available for enabling FB ad accounts that were disabled for reasons I don't even know??

  25. Refreshingly transparent!! WOW I am such a fan of honesty and of your channel. Well done! Thank you👍

  26. Also jungle scout is a RIP off!!!

  27. It is probably Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon.

  28. I believe if you had an acc you can’t just open a new one. Here is my two cents: I’d recommend taking a course on Udemy at least to learn the things like that or read all amazon seller university. Va for amazon product research is not a good idea. I would recommend learning how to find products yourself. That’s the only way for long time success on amazon. I took. Other expensive course by a “guru” and cheap Udemy course and it’s so much to learn!

  29. Thank you SO much for sharing the raw process. SO HELPFUL!😍

  30. You’re funny lol..great video

  31. Jeff is Jeff Bezos. That is a team at amazon that deals with problems.

  32. Jeff@amazon.com is said to be Jeff Bezos email account. It is said that himself or someone checks it and escalates the problem to a team. Love what your doing. RA/OA is never dead and a great way to make extra money on AMZ.

  33. OMG THIS! I am having this issue right now. Had my account suspended because apparently they think I have a second selling account. But I absolutely don't! I'm a new seller and only opened a seller account because of the corona pandemic. So not even sure what to do. I don't want to pay because I haven't even sold anything on Amazon yet so I don't even know if that's a good business model. This is entirely crap, makes me feel like taking my $40 a month being done with them considering they don't even communicate with me. Thanks for the video, good to know I wasn't the only one being ignored.


  35. Since i don't wanna eff up… do you know how long of a snippet of a song can be used in my video… if i can do that at all????

  36. You are so beautiful and I love the way you present your videos. It's funny, relaxed and good content. I am myself thinking about starting amazonfba, so trying to absorb all the free information I can get over the internet. Almost ready to write a business plan, so I can refer back to it and stay focused on my goal.

  37. Girl you are pouring out more truth than most gurus keep it up! I love how you jumped on the wholesale as a test run and def agree that private label and building a brand is the way to go! Good luck with the Amazon account. I reckon it'll be back up in no time!

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