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I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST street legal bike on Amazon

I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST street legal bike on Amazon

I just bought the cheapest street legal bike on Amazon for only $1400 with my own money! The RPS Hawk Amazon motorcycle is a great budget buy and does everything that the more expensive dual sports can do! I put the bike to the tests by taking it offroad at a coal field!

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I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST ELECTRIC dirt bike on Amazon

Amazon Dirt Bike TORTURE test, will it SURVIVE?


I BOUGHT The MOST EXPENSIVE street legal dirt bike on Amazon

is a $2,000 Amazon DirtBike better than a used Honda?



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48 thoughts on “I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST street legal bike on Amazon

  1. What is the cheapest ELECTRIC dirt bike from Amazon like?

  2. Why can’t I find these bikes for sale anywhere?

  3. Good stuff but you need to talk more and also add a few more commercials !!


  5. So what if you were to have dropped the bike down that steep hill at the end? That is totally expected use with a dirt bike, but I find it hard to believe the warranty would cover repairing damaged parts after that.

  6. Does the warranty cover search and rescue?

  7. So 4 years ago I got a tao Tao 110. I broke the engine we had a mechanic buy an new engine, and he broke it in the right way. Well 4 years later I’m getting 5 ft of air on argyle mx Motocross track and the train broke… got it welded. I didn’t start the engine for 5 months. It started right up 3rd kick and idled without driving it.. crazy

  8. Acá en Argentina las venden con marcas Zanella, Corven, Brava, Motomel….y dicen que son de fabricación nacional jajajaja

  9. Did that flood ever come?

  10. hey my birthday is on the 7th and I know this is like icky but i was wondering if i could have a sport bike for my brithday!!! im a big fan and i love watching your videos!! im 16 and im really looking forward to my motocyle permit and my obsession with them i wanna learn all about them!

  11. Appreciated the bible verse, thank you!

  12. The toy thing you were talking about is called a gyro

  13. Actually the sound is better than most quality brand bikes

  14. God is great…Jesus loves yalls… peace

  15. I think those wire things hold brake and clutch cables and wires to the bike

  16. The Chinese have 0 care about craftmanship it's a total wr knock off

  17. Cheap Products made in China will last for three months or 500 miles.

  18. I got a hawk they good bikes for the price

  19. Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon

  20. Im trying to find a Honda Rebel 500

  21. says it's a decent bike before EVER even starting or riding the damn thing for a few weeks. Smfh Don't listen to this fool.

  22. $1400? I'd pay that just to have access to a place like that to ride.

  23. You need to slip the clutch on hillclimbs man.

  24. Is that a good first time bike for me to ride

  25. Dont waste time or money on these $hitty Chinese knockoff bikes… None of them!

  26. I'm a big dummy spend 5 thousand when I could get this cheap piece of shit lol

  27. That spring is for the side stand

  28. Do u need a Motorcycle licence for it ?

  29. I've had the same one for about 6 or 7 years 40.000 kms of unpampered driving (not hard just not pampering) and if you respect it's limitations you'll definitely get your money's worth

  30. Soundsl ike its wayy better than the scooter, i mean 1400 bucks, could be nice for someone who's just starting and doesnt want something too powerfull, it could be a nice learning bike, and at the price and assembly, it might just help you learn how its made and how it works

  31. Awsome video I bet if you had your mechanic put a better carb and exhaust in that bike it would be a lot better

  32. God I love this channel! I have no idea why I havnt been watching you for years! Every vid you've made in the last year has been right up my alley. Thank you!

  33. I can’t find this bike on Amazon

  34. It is just the cheap copy of hero impulse

  35. Really close to a fake Brazillian honda Bros bike with brazillian yamaha lander front headlight. Ugh even the speedo color !

  36. Decal placement is on point!

  37. 15hp from a 250? That sounds mad low! My WR 125 x makes that electronically restricted.

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