I Bought 32 PlayStation 2 Games for $0.73 Each

I Bought 32 PlayStation 2 Games for $0.73 Each

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39 Thoughts to “I Bought 32 PlayStation 2 Games for $0.73 Each”

  1. Thank you for giving me so much advice on how to use eBay. I have made about over 700+ dollars just by your advice. From selling stuff that is collecting dust or just stuff I don’t use anymore. You are a tru inspiration and thanks for the advice.

  2. Burnout is an awesome series. It's finally coming to the Switch this year! Reselling games is fun. I might have to sell some of my collection, might be getting laid off in a few months. Sign of the times.

  3. Great video David, are you gonna make a video about the new iPhone SE

  4. Missing them McDonalds runs. Seeya in a couple of weeks. ✌️

  5. This really is inspiring. I may have to get on board with this for real! And once all these troubling times pass, I got a Goodwill nearby along with a couple thrift stores. Keep up the awesome work and content, David!

  6. Weekend of vlogity vlog where is it I miss it

  7. No matter what video I see from you David the content is always great!!! I even got my wife and daughter sitting down to watch your videos with me lol. They really inspired me to move forward, get out of my comfort zone and finally do what I’ve been trying to accomplish for years and that is to make my own Youtube channel. I might not have started as young as everyone else being I’m in my mid 30’s lol. But it’s something I’ve always put on hold to take care of my family. I just started it a week ago and as of right now only posted 4 videos but I would really appreciate anyones support and feedback. 
    So if you can please subscribe and check it out. Thanks in advance and take care!

  8. I once managed to buy like 50 ps2 games from the UK for 0.01£ a piece on Amazon, and they hadn't updated the shipping information for anyone outside the UK borders, so I basically got 50 games for 0.50£, or 60 cents, delivered to my home in Sweden from the UK. Needless to say, they updated the shipping fees rather quickly when they discovered their error, and I never got a deal like that again.

  9. You could see Sports video games get more popular (especially for nostalgia) because of Sports being canceled.

  10. A lot of decent games in there

  11. David, guys, just to clarify – $2 pledge will give me access to just weekend vlogs, and $5 pledge will give me access to all videos?

  12. I still have my PlayStation 2, yes mine still works

  13. EBS

    oh dude I watched the 11 year old moutin dew video and man you look so different now

  14. I use to watch the crap out of your videos years ago. What happened bro? I understand it's probably hard to go and get a job with such a large gap in resume but its time to move on from Youtube… I mean you make these videos as if you're talking to a group of friends. One of the last vids I watched was your sisters wedding day and it's crazy how polar opposite your lives are. Stop buying and flipping junk, get a real income and start a family, man.

  15. Where’s your weekend vlog for last week

  16. Loved the video! David what’s your eBay page?

  17. Great "haul"! Keep the eBay related videos coming. I've been listing game console bundles for the past few weeks and they have been selling like hotcakes! Are you sharing your eBay store name or are you keeping it private?

  18. I am also starting to sell more on eBay and David thank you so much for the help!

  19. Awesome finds! Minus the sports games – sadly they all become obsolete when the next year is released 😭

  20. Your advice is awesome! I sold a ton of old pc parts and old dell opto por es that i slapped it with a GTX or Radeon RX cards. You are a super-true inspiration and I’m exited to see more videos like this. Btw my twitter is @bpanaslapdyt

  21. Missing your weekend vlog, but this helps I have alot of boxsets and I have been thinking of selling them on Ebay. Thanks for the video 😀

  22. Madden 05 is my favorite sports game ever!

  23. I understand why you took off the weekend vlogs for the time being and respect you for it but over ten thousand people watch those a week and this is a time where we need all the normality we can get

  24. Love these videos David, together with your vlogs obviously. Have been following and enjoying your content since 2007 and will keep doing so. Keep it up and stay safe 🙂

  25. I remember Purple backed games mean they stopped working and or stuck them into a different reader than e PS2 Readers. I had a Sponge Bob Game when i was a kid I stuck into a PC Reader and it turned Purple

  26. hey david use pricecharting for the prices of the games.

  27. I love your content and weekend vlogs! Family is everything. Stay safe and thank you for sharing your life with us viewers. I appreciate you.

  28. There's always a ton of sports games in large lots.

  29. the things you buy will pile up

  30. cough cough Rip copies of DDR SN and DDR SN2! I kid… I mean if you do it don't tell us. I was somewhat disappointed that you didn't test these in a PS2 to make sure they work. That's what I would have done, as I have a PS2 handy to do so… Good video otherwise. Stay Safe Mr. DD! 🙂

  31. at first, when you started the ebay arbitrage thing I was like "lol look at him with this weird content" (I havent watched your videos for a while at that time) but as I keep watching it gets really interesting. I think you should diversify your contents, make Ebay vlog all on its own, seperated from the weekend vlogs. That way you'll have different contents on your channel, and it will be convenient for fans of both contents.

  32. If MVP baseball is in great condition you can sell it for a lot that is one of the most iconic sports games ever made and hard to get ahold of!

  33. How do I find your eBay store David?

  34. I'm not first I'm alright with that and great video as always

  35. Where’s the weekend vlog at???

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