Hunt Until All Retail Arbitrage is Gone

Hunt Until All Retail Arbitrage is Gone


Links to Items I Use (yes, they are affiliate links to help support the channel) Heat Gun for removing stickers Camera for Videos Web Cam Printer for FBA labels and shipping labels Microphone for YT live shows Headphones Camera for interview videos and ebay pictures Bar code scanner 2nd Bar code Scanner Scotty Peelers to remove stickers Box Resizer Poly bag set Dymo Labels Hand cart 3 n 1

Contact Information:
Scott Zilke
PO Box 605
Meridianville, Al 35759


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8 Thoughts to “Hunt Until All Retail Arbitrage is Gone”

  1. do you have $10 BS plan or $30 plan and if so do you think its really that much better? Currently I have $10 one I have some good finds but sometimes I'm a day or two later getting the deal.

  2. Damn, took like 4 months but you found them!!! LG!!

  3. Pretty good pronunciation on Taunton, actually. Though some MA folks wouldn't bother with the o. Tauntn.

  4. BP we don’t need to know about your feminine products! 🙈🤣🤣🤣

  5. Butterflys for Terry? lmao

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