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Huge Update: Amex Business CardπŸ’³ for eBay Dropshipping 2018

Huge Update: Amex Business CardπŸ’³ for eBay Dropshipping 2018

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In this announcement video, I discuss the newly released Amazon Business American Express Credit Card. This credit card gives 5% cash back on ALL Amazon Prime purchases! Additionally, there is alternatively net 90 terms to help with your cash flow.
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37 thoughts on “Huge Update: Amex Business CardπŸ’³ for eBay Dropshipping 2018

  1. What company you are using for your virtual assistant

  2. How does letting one of your va use your credit card if they are in a different county wouldn’t that raise red flags?? And can you trust a va with your credit card

  3. #videomarathon more cash back via credit cards interesting

  4. Something to note, amex's daily spending limit is whatever available credit you have left

  5. I was approved for $2500 today. I also have a amex magnet card that started off at $4000, I asked for a raise this morning and it went up to $10k. Experian fico is @ 731 with 1 year 9 months average credit history.

  6. Hey dude, that's a great video! I actually received an email from Amazon where they're telling me to sing up for a Business account so I'll benefit from lower prices etc… Can I use that account to dropship those lower-priced products onto eBay ?

  7. Tom! In your opinion if are not using an cash back credit card is any possible to be profitable with drop shipping? Thank you.

  8. Stupid question but I m new to credit cards:

    Are profits calculated vs your limit ? Like limit as Limit = Amount earned by buyers using C Card – Amount spent on your own?

    Meaning that if you made $10 000 with sells using your credit card and you $2 000 on buying the products , will you get charged $2 000 out of $5 000 limit or get a credit of $8 000?

    It is only weird for me as my limit is about $ 2 000 and I wouldn't have enough money for running FB ads and buying products, if earnings weren't included…

  9. Hey Tom, I've been using Amazon prime for eBay dropshipping the past few months and my account continuously has been getting flagged and locked. Any advice on how to prevent this?

  10. I want to sell my Amazon.com reward points. I want to sell my 645 USD worth of reward points at 620 USD. Please let me know if someone is interested.

  11. Rio

    Freaking thank you tom!!!! got approved after being denied both by synchrony and chase! woooo!!!

  12. So I received my Amex AMZN card today, with a limit of $3000. I was a little annoyed that they splashed American Express all over the front of the envelope. It pretty much screamed "I'm a credit card please steal me". Oh well, I guess the fact that I got it is what should be most important. Amazon here I come!

  13. Amazon always started low with credit limits for the first two- three months. The chase card is the same but after the two months your credit limit will jump up lot usually a few thousand dollars more

  14. Hi Tom, if you aren't using gift cards, then how do you prevent Walmart from cancelling orders? Thanks bro.

  15. I have a high credit score and like 20 years of history with Amex. I got 2500 – I don't know if it's possible to get higher than that at first…

  16. non usa citizen ? the solution ? if we want to get it

  17. I got approved for 2500, but I wanted the business prime but it gave me the minimum one. Not sure how though

  18. Got approved in less than 30 sec. Yeah limit is 5kπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ makes it the lowest one I have from Amex

  19. How do you usually do to raise your credit limits quickly

  20. you have a lot of international followers please make a video for us we deserve something as well

  21. One hack to get a credit limit increase is to call them immediately, right after you get approved.

  22. Hey Tom, some more interesting news. Starting sometime in 2019 (no specific date announced) Payal and Amex will team up and let you use your Paypal acct to pay your Amex bill. I read it here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181018005666/en/American%C2%A0Express%C2%A0and-PayPal-Announce-Expanded-Strategic-Partnership

  23. Can you use auto order with SF using your credit card? I thought you had to use gift cards for auto order….

  24. I applied; I don't think I'll get it. No instant approval. They said they'll get back to me in 2 weeks. πŸ™

  25. Tom, thanks so much for this video! I was approved for $2500 as well. It seems to be what they hand out despite your credit score….I am so happy to have the card!! You're so awesome! #letsdothis

  26. Tom in uk i pay my amex off everyday ad it just reloads like a charge card you should try. Max it out!!

  27. You have to be an US resident and have a good credit

  28. Do you need a business prime account specifically, or will a normal one work?

  29. That's awesome I just saw it this morning as well. I have a 670 credit score but I'll probably apply for it once my 2 capital one CCs are almost paid off. I got rejected from the amazon chase card because I owed too much money on those cards I think, so I got my mom to get the chase card for me to use on dropshipping. I'll come back with updates as to how much I get approved for.

  30. My credit fucking sucks but I'm going to try it anyway just to see..thanks for the info

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