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Convert Your Web App into a Desktop App!

HTML5 2 Desktop allows you to compile and distribute your SaaS sites and Web Apps as Standalone Desktop Applications. Your apps will be compatible with any version of Windows, with no prerequisites. From URL based web services to file based web apps. Your web app runs inside a self contained framework as a standard desktop window.
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You can create 2 types of apps:

  • From URL ? Creates a cloud-based app, always up-to-date. Will require your user to have internet to access the app’s functionality.
  • From Files ? Creates a standard platform application. Access to the app doesn’t require internet because your web app?s files are also included with the output.

With just a few clicks…

Bring your users’ Web Experience to their Desktop as a Standalone Application for Windows! HTML5 2 Desktop instantly converts a Website or HTML5 Application into a Desktop Application which can be used on any Windows based machine. Requires no additional coding or programming knowledge.

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  • Restore button on Main UI
  • New Javascript dialogs for alert(), confirm() and prompt()
  • Sizable output program w/ maximize button (full window)
  • Revised popup window styles (always on top, full window, size matching)
  • Printer submenu (primitive printing for now)
  • Download manager (stays on top, launches download when complete)


  • “View Source” disabled in Context Menu
  • New Context Menu w/ Screenshot button (non functional)
  • Custom User-agent “H2D Player” (static for now)
  • App Title shows up in Taskbar and Task Manager
  • Custom Icon for your app (to activate this, copy “icon.ico” into your output folder)
  • LocalStorage issue fixed (keeps data after app is closed)
  • New triple encoded .h2d file format to protect app settings
  • Caching has been added

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Full Version is 31.8mb

Please note: This program is not suitable for use with Windows XP, but the ported apps are. This is because the app uses the FolderSelection dialog (Vista+).


  • Flash is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

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