How You Can Sell Your Art

How You Can Sell Your Art

Tips on how you can sell your art. I’m sharing how I sell my art online and other ways to make money from your artwork. The first 500 people to use this link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium Membership: ↠

Selling art online can be a minefield and I want to share tips that I’ve learnt along the way. Making a living with your art doesn’t have to be a dream, but it does require hard work. I want to show you how you can sell your art, so that you too can earn money, whilst fulfilling that creative need.

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48 Thoughts to “How You Can Sell Your Art”

  1. – Did you already have an unhappy customer ? What did you do?

  2. I forgot to ask you… How do you usually structure your day for a successful business? Many hugs!

  3. Dear Katie, first of all thank you so much for your help and this video! your are amazing 🙂 I´ve done a lot of research of how to make my art prints and maybe you have some advise for me? For instance, do I need definitely photoshop for that? I think if we need it, maybe you could tell us which features help us mostly artists/painters, since photoshop has a lot of tools :(. 

    Do you print at home? if not, How do you prepare your prints to give it to a print service provider? I struggle a lot first making my own photos with my camera, I am not very sure which settings do I need and I use most of the time my Iphone :-). Thank you again! Katty

  4. Thank you for doing videos like this! They are really reassuring💕✨ one question that I would like anwsered is about packaging and shipping larger paintings🤔 like canvases? how much does that usually cost, ways to ship them safely, etc.

  5. thank you so much Katie, this is very helpful. shipping from where I live, is SO EXPENSIVE. sometimes it can cost as much as half of the paintings price. costumers don't want to pay that much, don't know what to do?

  6. I am so glad you are doing these series! Yay! I plan to start selling my art and recently also started my art Youtube Channel. These videos would be very helpful. Katie, whats the best thing to paint on with acrylics – can I use very thick cardboard, wooden canvas (it's cheaper for me) or should I definitely use canvas on a frame? I am looking for budget friendly options.

  7. I want to do art so bad for business, how ever I choose healthy lifestyle. I am booking to get my hands on the art, how can I Incorporate both?

  8. nice , thanks for sharing this

  9. Thank you so much for this video! I have never seen an artist that opened up about their business like this and it's honestly helpful.
    You know… as a college fine arts student it's really blurry when I think of the future path. I know I'll have to work my way since my degree garantee me nothing.
    It was just recently i found kinda my style and while working on university stuff and doing my own artwork I also tried to keep up with a regular update on Instagram… Which I sadly could not keep up :/

    May be in some future I will try in the right conditions.

  10. Love you Katie , you are so helpful in so many ways

  11. oh… that's odd… i tried see this video yesterday but it was private somehow…

  12. Love your work, you’re an inspiration 🌸

  13. Thank you so much for sharing. I've opened up an Etsy shop. It's been open for about a month. Thus far no sales. If people see no sales at a shop, do you feel it makes them back off from buying? My other question is about pricing. I have no idea how much to price my art. I've searched for similar art to mine at Etsy and it goes from around $500.00 into to the thousands. I've seen some as high as $40,000!!!! Any insight?

  14. Brilliantly done! As one who made my living with art (of a different nature) for 40 years, I can say that you have already shared some profound insights into success. Even though I'm retired, I look forward to learning more. Who knows? I still have paints and canvases to spare! Thanks!

  15. Wonderful idea and thank you so much for your honest advise and approach to your Chanel It’s a huge double thumbs up from me 👍🏼👍🏼

  16. Katie!!! thank you so much for your videos!! i love all your art and you! its great!

  17. How about licensing your artwork for commercial use?

  18. Love this! Can’t wait for the next one ! Pricing art is a tough one! Any tips ?

  19. This is a refreshing video! So far yet to encounter any artist talk about selling their art work. You r the first! Love your honesty. I am excited to know more in your future videos! ❤❤

  20. I wonder if maybe the Etsy fees are causing you to loose out on money. Can you give more info on how you crafted and how you adjust your business plan?

  21. Hi Katie I love your work. Yes I would love to learn how to print my heart

  22. Loved your video as always. Snagged the free skillshare offer. It seems like a pretty cool site. Thanks!

  23. I’d love to know how you structure your instagram posts and what seems to be the most successful way to engage followers and gain more followers! I’ve been thinking about starting an Etsy shop as well and I am looking forward to your tips on that! I’ve sold jewelry on Etsy before but never very successfully, I couldn’t seem to get the right keywords or algorithm or whatever so I’d love some insight on it!

  24. I’d love to know how you structure your instagram posts and what seems to be the most successful way to engage followers and gain more followers! I’ve been thinking about starting an Etsy shop as well and I am looking forward to your tips on that! I’ve sold jewelry on Etsy before but never very successfully, I couldn’t seem to get the right keywords or algorithm or whatever so I’d love some insight on it!

  25. i'd like to approach art as a career instead of a hobby. (a very expensive one also) but sadly i am in chronic pain last year i stopped walking and my hands can't even open a tube of paint on some days. so it kinda sets me off course. It would be great and appreciated if you have any advise for cases like mine. Thank you in advance and have an awesome day! :]

  26. Hello Katie 🙂
    Thank you so much for the great tips!
    You mentioned that you are interested in knowing about selling artwork printed on items in stores for example on calenders. I belive this is called Licencing. This youtuber Jenna talks about it in her video.

  27. So much helpful info…so good of you to share!

  28. Great video, thank you. But you didn't say anything on pricing art and you said you will 🙂 🙂 I hope you will make another video about that cause it will be helpfull. <3

  29. Hi Katie. I’d particularly like your take on Etsy. I’ve tried them to no avail and have many watercolours available are there any tricks or tips to using this site.

  30. Thank you for your efforts in making these videos! Glad you are able to earn from them too. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on crafting your online presence, as an artist looking to earn a decent income. For example whether to go broad, offering your art in as many different forms and on an many platforms as possible, or to choose an approach and pour all your energy into developing that. Personally I'v felt a bit at sea trying to compare all the pros and cons and fee structures of so many different online selling platforms! Alot of them seem designed to crowd source artwork at low cost and for high profit, for the sites' hosts, not the producers of the artwork. Would be great to hear what you think about this debate, with the experiences you've had. Thanks again! 🙂✌🏻🥀

  31. Tia

    Thankyou for sharing , this is so helpful and informative. I've been thinking about making art prints to sell and also looking at making other products from my art.

  32. Hi Katie,
    First of all I would like to say that I absolutely love to watch your videos. They always motivate me to create and try and fail of course as this is absolutely part of the journal. I've been wondering how to set up something for myself. I've seen so much great tips and ideas but as I'm living in the Netherlands there might be different organizations to use when you want to sell prints for example. Do you know anything about that? Or do you know a Dutch artist that is open to contact and a conversation? Thank you so much for putting yourself out there. Keep strong and be happy xx

  33. Hey!🤗 So this year im going to college but Im not sure which one…the only thing that i know is i want to do paintings like you in the future 🤗🤗 Im from Portugal but i would like to study in london . And my question is : did you went to college? And which one?

  34. This was so helpful! Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next videos

  35. I love this video and look forward to this series as well. I am planning to start up my own art business hopefully sometime during this year. So I will take any advice I can get lol. I too am an introvert so having an online presence versus in person is totally perfect for me. 💜😉

  36. Thank you for the tips! 🌸🌸🌸

  37. What software you use to correct/adjust your videos. Thank you

  38. One would think you had a sufficient body of work by now to try and get into "crate & barrel" or other stores. Doesn't hurt to just inquire. also check out surface pattern design & textile design… (skillshare) they use adobe illustrator and phototshop… in addition to hand painted stuff. the artist Cat Coquillette on skillshare said she licensed her designs to various places. maybe you could ask her about that? she has amazing artwork too in acrylics. new class today*

  39. Do you feel like you need to have a following or a grounding before hand setting anything up or does it not really matter? Thanks! 🙂

  40. I think something to note with starting a YouTube Channel is it takes a long time for it to be a place of revenue. I have made over 50 videos covering Speedpaints, studio vlogs and tips and I’m definitely no where near being able to make it a place of revenue but instead it’s such a fantastic creative outlet and I’m addicted to making videos almost as much as art 😅❤️🙌 I guess it all comes back to following what you love 😊🥰 and no matter what you are doing it always takes time and patience 🙌

    Love your videos! Also really excited for you to share your experience once your bubs arrives! My lil man is almost 7 weeks old and I’m finding it hard to reintroduce art but just taking each day as it comes atm ❤️

  41. Hi Katie! Thanks so much for making this series, it’s exactly the advice I’m looking for! Like you (and many other artists 😅) I’m also an introvert and I am hoping to sell my art through social media. It’s clear that YouTube has really given you a lot of freedom. I’ve been considering YouTube but feel very intimidated about putting myself out there- do you have any advice on getting over the fear of feeling exposed!? My art page is on Instagram @catherineehmann if you’re curious! Thanks again x

  42. I used to have an art studio at Western Ave Studios. They host a monthly open house which allows artists to sell artwork straight to consumers. I loved the community, I was perpetually inspired, but hated selling days, because I’m so introverted, was intimidating!

  43. Great tips Katie thank you👍 I'm at the start of putting myself out there on my art journey later this year, I have a plan in place but taking my time to get things in the right order as in Bank account, webpage, business cards etc. My question- Did you start drawing is a hobby that developed into selling or was that part of your plan at the start? Thanks Jan Bell (George is my Dogs name that I go under on YouTube!)

  44. My question: which shipping method do you think is best? And do you buy stamps or pay for an address label for your packages? 💜💜

  45. Loved this vedio💕💕 its was quite helpful.❤

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