How We Track The Real Cost Of Our Facebook Ads

How We Track The Real Cost Of Our Facebook Ads

This week our topic is Chasing Leads & Making Sales and here’s what we’ve had so far 👉🏼

Pete shared his insight into how he chases leads with his clients

Then on Tuesday we looked at top tips to automating your whole lead generation to make your life easier

Yesterday we talking through our sales consultations at DKnine

And today is a foundation tip for Thursday 🤙🏻

So, let’s dive in ⬇️

You’re running ads on Facebook, generating leads, they’re going into your system, you’re chasing them and that’s all running smoothly

But how do we know what prices we should be generating these leads for? How do we know when we’ve had a good month? a bad month? How do we know we’re making any profit?

A simple spreadsheet

Any ad clients we take on we give them a spreadsheet that we update every Monday with the amount we’ve spent, leads generated, cost per lead and overall outgoings

Then we ask them to add in how many sales they have made and how much money they make from the sales

This allows them to see how much profit they made from their ad spend and how much money they are making overall

So if you don’t have a spreadsheet already, go get it done

That can tell you the average cost of your leads every single week

You can then look back and see how it increases or if there’s a big drop

That way you will know how well your ad is performing week by week

Then you will also notice the cost per sale, if it’s really high and your cost per lead is really cheap then you know the issue is the middle part – chasing the leads

So, keep track of it all 🤙🏻


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