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How To Use The Amazon Seller App to Start Selling Books for FREE

How To Use The Amazon Seller App to Start Selling Books for FREE

How To Use The Amazon Seller App to start selling books on amazon for free. Learn how to sell books on amazon and get a glimpse of what selling on amazon is like. This is an Amazon seller app tutorial, you will learn how to scan items, interpret the resulting data, and of course use that data to tell wether a book is profitable to sell on Amazon FBA or Merchant Fulfilled, including how much money you will make via the built in amazon profit calculator.

This should be very helpful for those of you that are just getting started with bookselling or selling on Amazon in general.

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28 thoughts on “How To Use The Amazon Seller App to Start Selling Books for FREE

  1. If you want to do Amazon FBA, how do you get the books to AMZ? Books are heavy and shipping would kill?

  2. The best Amazon book reseller explanation! Can’t wait to start playing with Amazon app – just got approved and I am soooo excited! Thanks Reezy! You rock 🤗🤗

  3. Do the product need to be shipped before adding it to inventory? And how many should I buy at a time?

  4. Early on this vid, you spoke of $40 fee and implied that there is a way to avoid that? I didn't hear you explain that info.? Maybe I missed something but can you clarify.

  5. Funny I just asked Hairy Tornado how to sell books on amazon and he directed us to come to your video.

  6. Thank you!! Appreciate your knowledge 👍

  7. My biggest question is, how can I resell products already there

  8. Thanks so much for the video! Good info for a Newbie!

  9. Awesome video! Quick question: I created a seller account today. Currently I have to wait for my address to be verified via mail 😲. The app had some issues during that process and I am currently not able to do anything with it. No scanning, etc is that normal??

  10. How do we calculate the shipping cost? Or is that included in the fba fee

  11. Exactly what I was hoping to see. I watched at least 15 videos about scanning and then they jump into how to prep for shipping. No one, yet, touched on what the app shows us and what it means and how to use it. I really appreciate this!

  12. Why do I keep running into low prices are lower than the fba fee so the gross proceeds come out negative why is that ?

  13. @reezy do you have the shipping precalculated?

  14. On the calculator there is an option where it says shipping to amazon your estimated per kilo. I’m in Niagara Ontario Canada, how do I find the estimate p, or is there a default amount I can fill in?

  15. What would you say is a good minimum amount of money needing to get started?

  16. im guessing things have changed and you have to do the $40 a month fee now to even use the app. not sure if i did something wrong or not. been following you for a few months now and cant wait to get started but may have to wait a little longer

  17. Im new to Amazon FBA. The part that is confusing me is I see you are not including the cost of purchase on the calculation. How would that be accurate profit without including it?

  18. Reezy you have changed my life already i want to join mastemind group next

  19. in the begning way you are showing it, it would be better to do FBM ?? Selling book one by one? To learn the platform, how it works do FBM on what you are showing ???

  20. just to establish the business can we buy and resell the same book. i know it might be a lil loss but to establish in the begining , is it do able ?? so if ur selling this book and i buy from you and resell it as a new seller, will it work ?? Instead of paying 3000 dollarfs for training , i rather go this way. what do you think ?? Thanks for making vdos

  21. Hey bro, your link for the Bluetooth scanner doesn't work? JTILYK

  22. So if you send a used book to amazon… and for example the book doesn't sell in 2-3years….do they charge for holding their product in inventory?

  23. how much profit per book would you recommend? (minus price and fees of course)

  24. Do you need a invoice to sell used books ?

  25. The Amazon sellers app cost 40$ a month tho

  26. But they still have to sell:/

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