How To Use International Dropshipping on eBay

How To Use International Dropshipping on eBay

*** New 2019/2020 Dropshipping***

1) Chose the right product for you (depends on your performance)
2) Chose the right niche (it matters)
3) Chose the right category to list
4) Chose the right price as you list NEW product
5) Chose the right quantity as you list NEW product
6) Chose the best suppliers, not to fail or run OOS
7) Chose you FIRST sentence in product description properly
8) Chose the return policy text valuable to buyer
9) Chose the right size fonts for description (color matters)
10) Chose the right item location depends on your country of origin
11) Chose the right strategy to keep sales EVERY day
12) Chose what to write about yourself
13) Chose the main picture properly
14) Chose the right settings on eBay
15) Chose to never pay for product promotion on eBay
16) Chose to list only manually
17) Chose not to use any paid 3rd party tools regardless on their advertisement

This is THE most powerful sales tactic right now.


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  1. Can you make a video how to create your own description and your title !!

  2. Nice video Andrew! Can you plz help get my account started. Only got 2 sales do far

  3. The more i am listening to your videos the more i adore u.

  4. Thank you so much for coming up with this solution to protect your client.

  5. Excellent video. I seriously watch all your videos here in the UK and I want to be successful. My only problem is I have no money to start.

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