How To Use Instagram On Laptop

How To Use Instagram On Laptop

How To Use Instagram On Laptop // Discover how to use Instagram on desktop PLUS the top tools to make using Instagram on your computer super easy.

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39 Thoughts to “How To Use Instagram On Laptop”

  1. Thanks for watching! Lemme know… do you prefer your phone or desktop for work? πŸ“²

  2. just want to make video calls with cam

  3. When I click on a live video my laptop plays no sound. What’s the remedy

  4. "I use Later and it is really impressive. It helps me to manage my time. Also, I use YellowDuck .tv. It allows me to GO LIVE on IG from my PC or Mac."

  5. how to switch my all Instagram account on pc????

  6. As of April 2020 Instgram Messages is available on website

  7. This is great. Using IG on my phone strains my eyes. Hey do you know how to refresh your IG page? I try hitting home but it doesn't show me the new posts in my feed. Thank you!

  8. how do we add another account in it..??

  9. unsend msg in insta by laptop?

  10. Yeah, we know you can view your insta account on a computer but what about POSTING.

  11. man but i wanna know how to go calls on mac😭

  12. How can we upload images and post from a laptop on Instagram you did not mention this dear

  13. Hi Elise – is it possible to view your Saved Collections on Desktop version? I can't work it out! Love your channel thank you πŸ™‚

  14. but how do you tag people in images from laptop

  15. How do I see posts I've liked on Instagram from a laptop?

  16. HEEEEELP!!! I started a personal one ages ago but did nothing with it. Now I want to learn how to use instagram and I am so absolutely lost!!!! Do you have a video that is for a beginner instagrammer? Got into my Instagram account and looked around but the only things I see are what others post and a compass needle, a heart, and a person icon. Someone told me that they sent a message to me but I have no idea how to see it. I am using my laptop for now. Someone told me that Instagram is just for cell phones and if you use it on a desktop, you can get shut down.

  17. Can you start instagram without having a modern phone and only a computer?

  18. Elise love watching your videos Elise I want to join your free course I want to start online business trying to create my own website but no luck by watching your videos I have hope that you can guide me I am going to create a Instagram account will let you know how I got on πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸŒΉπŸŒΉ

  19. how to add business account on pc

  20. Thankyou your video helped me

  21. Great vid. Can you switch from one profile to another on desktop? I have an account for myself and a additional account connected to mine of my dog…

  22. Its a very long procedure

  23. How do we post posts and stories on instagram through laptop?

  24. no plus sign for photos, only videos

  25. how do i make video call on instagram with my computer

  26. For reason when i come across a post with multiple pictures it wont let me view them

  27. Awesome tips thank you πŸ€—

  28. Desktop! You are super informative! I am soaking in all of this! Thank you!

  29. I also love the analytics possibilities in Facebook Creative studio on desktop!

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