How to Use Facebook Ads For Restaurants in 2020

How to Use Facebook Ads For Restaurants in 2020

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Hey everybody, my name is Selim Chehimi. I’ve been working a year learning everything about selling before to transition to SMMA. I’m now very close to making 6 figures and I’m determined to reach 7 figures by 2020. I want to share with you what I’m learning during this incredible journey. Hope you will enjoy!


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12 Thoughts to “How to Use Facebook Ads For Restaurants in 2020”

  1. Hello thanks for the great video. A quick question, do u need a landing page for the video ads

  2. So the Video just plays and no offer attached to the video ad?

  3. Hi Selim, Nice video. I have a question, where can i find the right song for my video?

  4. Merci salem pour tout ces infos jai une petite question, Quels snt les autres services qu'une smma offre au restaurant a part les leads?

  5. Salut ! J'ai déjà pas mal appris tout ce qui touche à la pub je sais comment faire mais j'ai toujours la même question en tête : Combien on fait payer pour ce service ?

  6. Hi, I'm sorry to bother. What are your google chrome extensions?

  7. Hi Selim, How much should restaurants spend minimum for effective facebook ads?

  8. Do you run the retargeting ad at the same time as your video views ad? Or do you wait till that ad is finished…

  9. Great Content, Salim. I learned alot thank you!

  10. Hi Selim, thank you for the video! Do you use offline conversions in Facebook to track sales based on your ads?

  11. Hi Selim, fantastic video! I'm going to create my SMMA, but I have a question: how can I calculate the exact ROI for restaurants?

  12. Can you become my mentor

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