How to Turn Your Struggle Into Your Strength | Tea With GaryVee

How to Turn Your Struggle Into Your Strength | Tea With GaryVee

Tea With GaryVee is a Q&A show where I answer questions in a much more detailed, slower format. We get deep! This episode covers a lot of topics around turning your vulnerabilities into your strengths, making content for new platforms, fixing mistakes, and more! For a chance to be on the show, text your question and number to 1-212-931-5731, or if you’re international tweet your question with the hashtag #teawithgaryvee…Enjoy!


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34 Thoughts to “How to Turn Your Struggle Into Your Strength | Tea With GaryVee”

  1. subscribe me n ill do the same

  2. ai tout à pris grace a se youtubeur il ma fait sorti de ma zone de confort je vais avoir l ai 1million vous pouvez me donner du soutien liké et s abonné à ma chaîne YouTube C ATLANTA VISIO s il vous plait

  3. What do u tell the kids struggling in the streets? I know u have knowledge for these kids

  4. Struggles are challenges in life that will mold you to be better. Keep in mind that mistakes and failures are what's gonna make us stronger. Learn from them! 💯

  5. Thank you Gary for helping me with that can you guys subscribe to my channel

  6. I love watching Garyvee he has inspired me to buy a drum kit and start playing. I have even started a YouTube channel to document my progress please check it out and leave some feedback of how I could improve, this would mean a lot to me. Thanks, David

  7. Love the chat with you and Abel at the beginning. Would be great to hear some more of your untold childhood stories 🙂

  8. is there any western mass aspiring pod cast producers that are also interested in automotive industry?. I have the built for the east off road pod cast that production time is stopping me from putting out more. i need help message me BUILTEAST on Instagram!

  9. work schemes developed by world experts choose your own under the video

  10. what website is this? how do I this with my followers?

  11. Vulnerability is strength! Weak, insecure people cling to hiding their failings, as though hiding something is “strong”

  12. gary is the man ive taken all of his advices i appreciate it and i even created a youtube channel to keep up and share as much as good motivation and inspiration my first vlog will come out in a couple of days hit the subscribe and check out , peace

  13. Absolutely love this! You’re videos always pushed me to be the absolute best version of me! I recently came out of my comfort zone and started a YouTube channel! 😭 i don’t have the greatest content just yet but I’ve started and that’s all that matters. Thank you for always spreading positivity! To those who want to start something do it. Follow my journey if you wish🤍✨

  14. Namaste, Gary you are the Content king Sir. Indians have started rating Tiktok and reporting it, mainly because of the common feeling against China for Covid-19 and constant stealing of Indian territory and also becoz of cold war going on between Indian youtubers and Indian Tiktok content creators. Also in some instances it has been found that Tiktok app was accessing data without consent, which lead to its ban for use for defence personnel. I understand that posting this against Tiktok on ur video is not actually correct, as you see good scope in the platform. But we are not against the platform itself we are against its practices and the economy in which it is feeding the money. So far it's rating has been brought down to 3.2 from 4.5 stars in a week. So if anybody from the western world resonant with same feelings, please support the cause. Thank you ☮️.

  15. Finally i followed your advice in this pandemic,but for me its kinda blessing cause i found the courage and time to start my YouTube channel and i love learning how to edit and filmmaking now that i enjoy it its not even stressful. Thanks Gary ❤️

  16. Miss the real 💪👏✨

  17. 28:40 I caught that too 😂 I’m like DARE? lol. 29:00 so rare and real. We need to talk about that more. No demons just strength that’s what I feel. Thanks Gary 🙏

  18. Pleaee help me give me a shoutout. Just started my channel and my life story and where I’m at today is a story that one should hear. Pleaee suscribe🙏 comment and watch.

  19. I literally LOL at 50:30 !! 'WHAT THE FUCK BRO'

  20. the heaven thing really hit me!

  21. REALLY Enjoying Warrior Coach on Tik Tok! posting 3 to 5 times a day, has left me in tears even haha.

  22. GaryVee is u r the real man…u r my inspiration..i even created a youtube channel..thanks to your hard work..u r my role model

  23. Dropping in some positivity in some to-date videos. Our team has been plowing through older daily vee's and re-obtaining so much value from way back when. Enjoying these all the same.

  24. My 1st Tea! Thanks for the invite🤗

  25. Gary vee is soo good at this I took all his advice from his previous videos and now I’m working with the process

  26. The crush VS in love is a good one. When I try something new and I get a little good at it, I immediately say "OK, so that's what I have to continue doing." But most of the times I lose interest in it and I end up judging and doubting myself. Which is bad because it blocks me from trying the next thing.

  27. Best show on YouTube hands down. The talk where the title refers to was so strong. Good stuff Gary much love!

  28. Hey garyvee I love this channel you are the best YouTube I would love it if I could be like you could you cheek out my channel it is revolves around cheer. Keep your Gerry on

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