How to Tips for Creating Social Media Graphics – Graphic Design Tutorial

How to Tips for Creating Social Media Graphics - Graphic Design Tutorial

Want to increase traction on your social media profiles? Creating appealing and actionable social media graphics with these quick tips. After watching the video, start creating your own with Visme:

Sometimes your social media graphics don’t get as much traction as you’d like, even when using a template, so we’ve compiled an awesome list of quick but valuable tips to help you out without any design experience necessary.

The online marketing success of your business depends greatly on your social media efforts. Social media is an extremely visual platform, so the way in which your viewers and customers perceive your message on the internet is directly related to the kind of social media graphics you share.

In this short video we show you some quick tips and tricks to help you create social media graphics like a pro and cover these helpful topics:

– How to Choose the Best Images
– How to Choose the Right Fonts
– How to Pair Images with Text
– How to Use a Background Instead of an Image
– How to Establish a Focal Point
– How to Use Design Techniques to Create Visual Effects

To learn more, here’s a detailed article from our blog worth checking out:


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  1. Hm. I think posting an image of a model wearing a scarf on the beach will highlight the fact that their scarfs are soooo awesome – you can wear them ANYWHERE. Kind of a cool idea imo.

  2. Thank you Soo much it was straight to the point and very helpful

  3. look at our Media Samples –

  4. this video is very informative yet easy to understand. visually comparing effective and less effective designs is helpful. great video!

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  6. This 9 min worth more than many 2 hr courses

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  12. This is such an informational video and loved the content. It made me smile. The wrong and right image comparison was awesome. Is there any detailed tutorial to learn the difference between the right and wrong design?

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