How To Target Your Competitor's Audience With Facebook Ads

How To Target Your Competitor's Audience With Facebook Ads

In this video, you will learn How To Target Your Competitor’s Audience With Facebook Ads

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Wouldn’t it be great to target your competitor’s audience with Facebook ads?

Well if your competitor has a large enough Facebook audience, you can.

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My name is Joshua Daniel. I am a millennial digital marketer that helps businesses grow their business by leveraging social media marketing and social media advertising.
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5 Thoughts to “How To Target Your Competitor's Audience With Facebook Ads”

  1. 4:25 My Business Manager doesn't show if the Person can be targeted. Do I need a plug-in for that?

  2. Joshua Sir Great content sir your useing Google images for fB ads many times FB
    Gives copyright can you please Tell where can i get images for FB ads copyright free images can i use Google image n then edit in canva.

  3. can someone explain to me why my ad is not getting approved is my ad copy written ? i really need help please reach out somebody this is the only step i need to accomplish and i don’t t want to give up πŸ™

  4. Hey bro great content πŸ™‚ Would you please share with us the name of the Tool that allows to know whether u can use an interest or not ? Thanks Bro'

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