How To Target Facebook Ads For Ecommerce & Shopify In 2019

How To Target Facebook Ads For Ecommerce & Shopify In 2019

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In todays video I break down how to target facebook ads in 2019 for maximum profits. Facebook ads targeting is an extremely important aspect to any profitable facebook campaign.

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14 Thoughts to “How To Target Facebook Ads For Ecommerce & Shopify In 2019”

  1. So what you are doing my friend is called Market research

  2. This is awesome! Loved how you showed an example on researching your target audience on Google. It is simple but it makes sense 🙂

  3. Please let me know how i can thank you james you are the best bro !

  4. This video was actually really helpful. About to start running ads on a new product! Wish me luck!

  5. How about targeting for phone cases?

  6. Plz a video on payment processors

  7. nothing catchy or new there's a ton of videos like this

  8. Please do a video on payment processors!

  9. Great video James! 100% agree on the focusing on the end user, it’s a common mistake I see people make!

  10. Good video man, let’s keep killing it 🔥🔥

  11. This is rly valuable never done this google thing before and its awesome … thank you james

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