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37 thoughts on “how to take amazon prime membership

  1. In how many days we can get cashback for 18-24 yrs people

  2. It doesnt let me watcj BET i have to pay for it

  3. How can I get it on iPhone??

  4. Whenever I complete my payment for MONTHLY PRIME 129RS it gets cancelled everytime pls give some solution

  5. There is no option of try prime

    What to do

  6. Even as prime, while purchasing a product it shows shipping charges on my Amazon app.. Still I am a active member

  7. Thank you very much chase I want to deliver a ps5 controller it's for free with prime

  8. Although I'm in the US region, I tried Amazon Prime on the app for 30 days and it's DA BOMB! I love the free 2-day shipping very much (although you still have to pay sales tax, which sucks lol). Amazon Prime membership also have a discount for people who receive SNAP or Medicaid, and also for students. For individuals who receive SNAP or Medicaid, the monthly price is just $5.99. If you're a student, it's $6.49/month. There are 2 versions of Amazon Music – the free streaming version of Amazon Music which includes ads & Amazon Music Unlimited, which is the ad-free version. The free streaming version of Amazon Music includes ads and doesn't require Amazon Prime membership. With Amazon Music Unlimited, you get unlimited access to any song, ad-free on-demand music, listen offline with unlimited skips & listen to any podcast. With the Amazon Prime membership , it's $7.99/month. Without Amazon Prime membership, it's $9.99/month (my apologies for being so longwinded lol). You would pay ₹999 rupee a year for an Amazon Prime membership? That's too damn high!

  9. Sir why my membership is not activated i have added my credit card on wallet..but it still is showing that u r not the member of amazon prime..sir plz tell me wt should i do now.

  10. What's this issue it says the card has been added to your wallet but will not be available for use for this purchase i am unable to take the prime membership ? what's the problem???

  11. Can I pay Amazon prime with Google pay ?

  12. Hey guys to become a prime member you just need to click this link
    And then you can follow up this video

  13. Theres no “try prime” im mh amazon app for me

  14. In my app doesn’t shown any option for subscribe.

  15. Can i use amazon upi in payment method

  16. There is no “try Prime” in my Amazon app

  17. How to use smart tv
    Amazon prime

  18. There’s no “try prime” for me

  19. Amazon app does not show any try prime icon.what can i get subscription?

  20. Which id pwd use for prime video..the same as in amazon or diffr????

  21. Hey man my amaZon app doesnot show any icon of try prime help me for this

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