How To Structure Your Facebook Ad Campaigns The RIGHT Way!

How To Structure Your Facebook Ad Campaigns The RIGHT Way!

Ever wondered how to structure your Facebook Ad campaigns?

How many campaigns should you have?
How many ad sets?
How many ads?

I answer all those questions and more in this Facebook ad campaign structure tutorial.

Facebook campaign structure is much more important than most Facebook Advertisers think.

Not only does it make Facebook ad campaign optimization so much easier.

It can also have a massive impact on the results your Facebook Ad campaigns produce.


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25 Thoughts to “How To Structure Your Facebook Ad Campaigns The RIGHT Way!”

  1. Thanks for watching guys! Let me know what you think of this video in the comments below šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Ben, thanks for all your videos, I've been learning a lot! I am thinking of running Facebook ads for local businesses. Would you still structure your campaign this way for local businesses? I've watched your 'Facebook Ads Targeting for Local Businesses' video, and you put an emphasis on broader targeting, and setting up your ad set so it reaches a minimum of 250k people. My guess is if the audience size doesn't reach the minimum audience size of 250k with the different ad set categories in this video (Warm, LLA etc), then just stick to broader targeting which will give you maximum audience reach (?)
    Another question, when using LLA for local businesses I recall you mentioning to always go for the maximum 10%? Wondering why this is?
    And finally, would this strategy work for lead generation campaigns as well. Hope my questions made sense and thank you in advance!

  3. Nice video! Should you have CBO turned on even if you're starting with a campaign for cold audiences and you don't have any data? Thanks

  4. Hi Ben,

    At 6:02 you talk about not to advertise to customers who have already bought it. With that in mind, do I just exclude those individuals from the Ad Set? e.g. Exclude Purchasers of that Product/Service?


  5. Hi Ben, thanks for all the great videos – I've been getting a ton of value from them lately. Quick question: I have my campaign and all my ad sets built but the ads I'm hoping to test are 2 FB/IG feed ads and 1 IG story ad. I of course only want the IG story ad to be placed as an IG story as that's the specific way it's been formatted but since you can only edit placements at the ad set level, I'm then left with versions of each of my ads looking odd in placements they weren't intended for. As most of the ads I'm testing with were specifically designed with a placement in mind, I don't see a clear way to to designate their placement without it applying to all the ads in that ad set. Do you have any advice on what I should do? Hopefully this is all clear, thanks again for your videos! šŸ™‚

  6. Hello, This Is Paul Here, From India.. I am Running a Weight loss and Nutrition program on Facebook.. Its a service page.. Please Let Me know Which one is good for me Traffic or conversion,. and Should I filter my location and Interested for Conversation campaigning or Just Facebook will start showing the right person if i didnt get any audience properly..

  7. I really love your campaign structure! It's very organized. šŸ„°
    Quick question: If we saw that 1 adset and 4 ad formats is performing well, should we dupe the campaign and just run the adsets and ad formats that performs well and then turn off the old campaign?

  8. Thank you for such a valuable video Ben!

  9. Hey Ben! Ive been applying your strategy on all my campaigns now and definitely get better results.
    Im struggling with the optimisation of it tho. I have 4 ad sets with each 4 ads. One ad generated by far the most leads but is also the 2nd expensive one.
    Also, the majority of my ads have been shown just a couple of times so no leads or maybe 1. One ad set that does amazing for a similar campaign barely ran.
    I spent $20 a day and has been 9 days since campaign started, what do I do? Disabling my ads with highest cost per lead doesnt seem like the right way to go…
    Hope you can send me in the right direction. Thanks again brother

  10. I love it, you've got a video for everything! I can't wait until I can say that! I love your teaching style, I can't wait to set up my next ad campaign like this! Thanks so much!

  11. I was looking for some Facebook ad video and I went through your videos .your videos help me a lot to understand many things related to FB ads. Thanks you šŸ˜Š

  12. Hi Ben, if Iā€™m doing a campaign and I split test at the ad level and I find the image/ video etc that works. In the future when I do other campaigns can I use those winners from previous campaigns to save costs? Or would I have to split test at the ad level again. Thankyou!

  13. Ben that was a great Vidoe. I started just two weeks ago watching your videos and already I have set my adds to covert and I am turning over more in sales already, this video will only improve my testing you explain everything so well so thank you heaps

  14. Hey Ben, great video! very unique to other youtubers in a good way therefore i Subscribed! I have one question, when split testing at the ad level and I find out for example the video worked the best, could i not test different headlines and ad copys by creating many duplicates and copy them to all ad sets? i dont know why you do headlines for 5 days then ad copy for 5 days after the headlines etc. Isnt that very time consuming? Thankyou!

  15. I like this streamlined approach Ben. When it comes to duplicating the ads – have you thought about using the same post across the various ad sets? IE all five ad sets interact with the same ad – the only benefit of doing this would be social clout – more likes, comments, views, etc.

  16. Hey man if I change the budget on a campaign which has an ad set in the learning phase, will it mess up the algorithm/learning phase? What has happened in your experience? Thanks bro

  17. Hey Ben, great content thank you! Just one question relating to setting up the Ad structures. When initially setting up the mentioned structure, do you keep all Ad copy the same across all ads within all the Ad Sets to ensure you are only testing the ad type first, then slowly start adjusting ad copy once you have established which types of ads and related pics/media is working?

  18. The only marketing vids i trust is Ben Heath! nice to actual watch someone share knowledge without trying to promote their shit!

  19. For optimization, do you pause adset or ad first ?

  20. Thanks Ben! When you pause the adsets that are not performing, do you add new adset in the SAME campaign?

  21. Hi Ben, great content again. My question is that is it ok to test 3,4 ad formats with low adset budget of lets say $5 or it wont give any room for Fb to distribute it among those different ads ?

  22. Would you recommend campaigns or adset ?

  23. Awesome content Ben, I'm desperately trying to improve my Facebook ads skill set and these videos are invaluable. Keep going! šŸ™‚

  24. After you've run a campaign, found 3 interest audiences that work well (hypothetical number), do you ever combine them with each other? Assuming you don't, do you make new campaigns so you don't have too many ad sets in a single campaign? Lastly, I hear a lot about using very broad targeting, do you agree with that?

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