How to Stop Caring What People THINK of YOU! | Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) | #Entspresso

How to Stop Caring What People THINK of YOU! | Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) | #Entspresso

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✎ Good morning #BelieveNation! Today’s message is: “Ignore the Noise!” Over to you Gary Vaynerchuk.

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✎ He’s an American serial entrepreneur, and four-time New York Times bestselling author. He’s best known as a digital marketing and social-media pioneer at the helm of New York-based VaynerMedia and VaynerX. He’s an angel investor or advisor to Uber, Birchbox, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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48 Thoughts to “How to Stop Caring What People THINK of YOU! | Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) | #Entspresso”

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  2. If their not paying your bills, you shouldn’t care. Their not gonna be at your deathbed when you die.

  3. If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, exposing yourself to your fears is probably the hardest thing that you would ever do in your life. I've been there. Now be a badass, and start day one.

  4. i'm afraid of being judge as mean, selfish and lazy

  5. Evan was so immersed in educating us that he forgot to take off the earphones at first 😂😂, appreciate you lots
    Have a good day

  6. Thank you for smacking that through my face

  7. This is so impactful. Thank you 🙏🏿

  8. This is a goodie! Thanks Evan!!

  9. I'm scared of making my family unhappy with me spending money to improve myself as a person. I know this sounds vague but I believe that you can't do everything on your own, you need someone to help you improve.

  10. I wish I had of heard this 20 years ago …. but I hear you now & that is good 😇🙏

  11. I was ridiculed a lot of times before, and bullied so that's why I always thinking of people's judgment all the time, having that social anxiety all the time is freaking exhausting. Thank you for the video, it gave me hope!

  12. I'm going to start challenging myself… everytime I fear to do something I know I need to do, I'm gonna fucking do it!!!

  13. You said: " it takes on average 66 days of daily practice". Is it enough to do 1 small act everyday?

  14. Misleading title, I clicked for GaryVee, not you to speak

  15. Just subscribed 👍 this video really taught me something

  16. The thing in most afraid for being judged by is simple… my sextuality

  17. I get that but what if you hated yourself? I'll add that my mother is a golden spoon bitch and my dad is the most spoiled in their 60's that I know.

  18. I’m most afraid of being judged for my mental well being. I feel like I have huge potential, yet, I’m afraid of expressing my opinion because of what other people might think about me. If something is important to me, sometimes I don’t share it as I’m afraid of judgment, that people will think I’m crazy. Yet I know deep down that I’m not. I feel like I have a balanced and rational perspective of the world but yet, still, writing this comment and being vulnerable makes me feel self conscious. That maybe a girl will look at it and think ‘wow, that guy sounds like a massive douche’ but so what? Maybe she will, why do I give a fuck? At the moment, and for the past few years actually, I’ve felt like I’ve been living my life at like 20% of what I actually can do. I see my problems, I see the things holding me back and the funny thing is, it’s me that’s holding me back. Nothing else. I’m in the process of freeing myself from this box I’ve put myself in and hopefully this video can be the start of a lasting change for me. I’ll subscribe to the 254 vids and report back when it’s over.

  19. I let go of a 7 year friendship after realizing that I had been following her lead on just about everything we or "the group" did, despite what I wanted, all in an effort to remain in good standing with her and the group. Today I'm not associated with any of them, merely as informal acquaintances (I live in a small town). The liberation is awesome. My time is my own. I go where I please, when i please and I can change my mind without pissing anybody off. I'm sure they talk among themselves and have formed opinions, but I graduated high school many eons ago.

  20. Thank you. I feel a lot better now

  21. How do u feel when u say hello to someone and they ignore u??

  22. I fkd myself because of this mentality.

  23. I can't take advice from anyone who would idolize Steve Jobs

  24. You made me watch the entire video…most videos end with an ad and the creator telling you to subscribe and all that.

  25. I listen to this video every morning before work. Half of the views might be mine😅… loove it!

  26. Is Very important to be Onest that I feel very conftable in japan I come from Poland, I left many thing camera, violet forgot but hier live in nice community WER pepole give me back., or call me lick from clinical shop WER I forget my violet make me do same if I fand samting I go to the KOBAN,, and live my name I fand,

  27. Don't care what others think, that's a bit rude how about people helping others and the only way you can be yourself is if you only have the confidence to do it

  28. J L

    This is hard to say than to do. Really hard.

  29. I haven't received my second video of 254 confidence

  30. We all need this! Do what others won't do!!!

  31. I'm afraid of people's opinion on what I do or say or think especially on social media. I'm afraid if they will like or hate me

    Thanks Evan, this video gave me a leap of faith and hope.

  32. This is the most realistic n helpful video on this subject

  33. im gonna start as a kid so when i grow up i dont have this problem

  34. I suffer from depression and i think alot about things that traumatize me in my past. And how i carry myself show that i am depressed(smell). My co workers talk about how i carry myself,they body shame me(talk about my height,head size,and smell)and they do it around me. I just act like i don't hear them when deep down i wanna react but i be the better man and ignore them. It's my fault that i am like that but i am tryna change and they are judging and talking about me like i ain't shit and then they try to talk to me randomly(that see i don't have friends or always isolated)and I'm thinking y'all lost me with y'all negativity.

  35. Asking girls out. It’s not that I don’t do it It’s just when I do I come off as awkward. I also find it worse if there taken. I think people are so into smart phones & dating apps no body does it any more people have to go through there phone because there so scared of public reaction. I am slowly getting better it’s something I have to work on. If I did not need help with it I would not be watching this great video. Repetition is the mother of all skill.

  36. Great
    Ignore the noise
    Exp urself
    Musc attk
    Catch n do
    No need for appro

  37. Love the picture of Howard Schultz behind you

  38. I'm genuinely shocked how you reply to e v e r y comment with 2 mill wth

  39. I always fear of what I want …sometimes I don't even know what am doing with my life really guys any advice

  40. I needed this, I hope I can meet Gary one day🙏

  41. Alright then, I'm gonna start right now with conquering my fear of commenting publically, wish me luck

  42. Thank you for this!! I needed this!

  43. I am afraid about the judgement of myself because it's the strongest. Since my childhood I believe that I am not good enough, not comlete, Not beautiful enough….not enough generally. I trie to fight but end up every day crying about it because I lost myself again

  44. This video and the comments are motivational for me. Thanks everyone. Much love 💞

  45. My opinions, my thoughts about things generally, my goofy side, I feel like I’d look stupid or immature or outdated or foolish or boring or miserable or weak or a joke or pathetic or insignificant everytime😞; this is what I’m conscious about. But I’ll overcome

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