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How to Start Squashing Your Insecurities | Tea With GaryVee

How to Start Squashing Your Insecurities | Tea With GaryVee

This was a super impactful episode of “Tea With GaryVee”. Especially the last call with Chris where he and Gary get into a really deep and insightful conversation around hidden insecurity. The conversation is very long and in-depth and will really help a lot of you that feel like you have some insecurities AND those who don’t feel like they do, but the insecurities may be hidden. This is definitely a call you do not want to miss!


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26 thoughts on “How to Start Squashing Your Insecurities | Tea With GaryVee

  1. Amen. I needed to hear this. I have habitually been so insecure.

  2. People trick themselves, forget tricking a work boss or a social audience. Husband cheats on wife, tells her he loves her. Wonder why they fail? People know nothing of "thyself" therefore, will always lack the E.I. it takes to make it.

  3. THANKS GARYVEE!! You've inspired me to build multiple businesses and I am on track to help thousands!!!

  4. What a badass Gary, one call after the other!

  5. 01:30 – I totally agree with the fact that most musicians sit on a lot of their music, and letting them be the sole judge of what gets released to the world. There are people that are interested in the process of how songs are created and evolve. The majority of songs are not writing in less than 30 mins, and are a process. If you can build a large enough audience (and that can be as little as 100-200 consistent followers), they'd be willing to pay $5 or $10/month to subscribe to a Patreon channel, where you share the progress of songs, stories behind the songs, and even some covers of the songs that inspire you.

  6. im your biggest fan dude, you inspire me a lot, you should visit Africa someday, we love you. #teamgaryvee

  7. _

    The Dugger Effect !

  8. Not over admiring things or people is the best advice I got from this. I do this so much. Thank you Gary ?

  9. 33:54 This convo was so powerful!!

  10. love Gary but I think he was a bit too much with Chris, like I get it he pointed out he is insecure and cant trick anyone but then he should have just brought him up from there…it was too much hammering down especially at the end.. not necessary.. I know Gary means well but I just hope he didnt make Chris depressed

  11. Insecurities is one of the BIGGEST things holding people back and its such a shame, its hard to break out of insecurity as well because you cant teach an old dog new tricks meaning its hard to get an insecure person to stop being insecure, its a hard process but it is do able! I went from being insecure about how I speak and look on camera to now uploading daily vlogs and video podcasts about doing what you love and finding your passion, it wasn't easy but the pay off after finally doing it is like no other! I cant advise people to Garys content enough

  12. i feel like Dugger did not expect that at all lmao

  13. lookin for female podcast cohost…must like food cannabis and 1 br apartments….so. florida area @comedycommentor on twitter

  14. Love u Chris – Thank you for sharing bro!

  15. And people are scared to put out content because they are worried about messes up….ppsssshhhh

    The #goat himself has technical difficulty sometimes and then you get better

  16. I am a Chris Dugger too, and I have learned my lesson. Stay strong and stay true to you bud, let's get out here and elevate to our very best. No more judgements! No more hiding! No more pandering to attention and others opinions. You have to live your life, why not live it as your true self!!!

  17. Z B

    garys voice is too low!!

  18. BEST PART: 'I wanna HELP people to, but I don't seek it out, people come to me. THAT'S the difference' yeeeesss!!!!!!

  19. Dropping Gems from the beginning. The Nicole Bus Q&A unlocked a lot for me as a musician. I love that out of Gary's strategies, I had already started on 2 of them. But that MIXTAPE idea was "mind blown" moment. I got a so many collaborative ideas off of that. Thank you again for giving shit away for free Gary.

  20. Im 13 Years old, and a photographer and videographer, that lives in Chattanooga Tn. My dad always tells me to watch you cause he’s a big fan. He works at FreightWaves. You might know where that is, and you might not. During quarantine, its hard making money, and doing what you dream to do, when you are stuck at home. Got any tips?

  21. 24:30 From Beginning ??
    49:00 Til Ending ♥️ WOW ??

  22. This is such a beautiful conversation and so so important! And that's why I felt so compelled to reach out. Gary Vee, I'm calling your bluff. It's easy to recognize and call out everyone else on their insecurities. Everyone is insecure in their own way. I know that I am deeply. But I don't ever see you acknowledging your own insecurities or even insecurities you've overcome. Maybe that's why this conversation touched you so deeply. Maybe part of you saw yourself in this man. I think by exposing yourself, you will get even more admiration and respect than you already do now. From a business standpoint, would it be weakness to show your hand (your insecurities)? When it comes to hiring people, I feel you need to put more time, care and thought into the process and then you won't find the need to fire so often. If you care as much as you say you do about people, I wouldn't treat them like you do your content, throwing it out there and seeing what happens. Then instantly replacing it with new stuff if it doesn't work out. I love what you are doing for the world Gary. I think you are amazing. I just felt the need to call it out how I see it. I've got nothing to stand on but my own intuition.

  23. The thing about taking on other jobs, what about if people aren't doing theirs? You're not supposed to take on other jobs then? I don't get it

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  25. Loving you always Gary Vee. I had to close up my apartment in Cambodia for a while, because as a US citizen I wasn't allowed back in after going to India for yoga training in March. (even though my Visa was for 6 months as a new expat in Siem Reap!) I was expatriated from India by the Mormons. (I told my story on Youtube and garnered 120K views to date on a video – viral is real!) I'm currently safe and working on a new body of paintings at my sisters in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Frikkin love you man. So much.

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