How to Start an INSTAGRAM MARKETING AGENCY – Social Media Marketing Agency business

How to Start an INSTAGRAM MARKETING AGENCY - Social Media Marketing Agency business

How do you start a social media marketing agency and yes that does include using Instagram to make money and get clients

In this video, I’m going to break down the start-up cost, expenses, and profits; and on top of that we are going to go through some action steps to actually get started today. And no not in 10 hours, in 18m.

What it is: People that solve the problem for businesses that don’t have a presence online and because they miss out on traffic that converts into customers.

Overall: remember businesses care about results and results are customer and dollar signs if all you can do is get likes they will fire you.

Buzz Words: Tax-deductible, 1099 no healthcare, more customers, more money, cancel anytime

1. Start-Up Cost (all deductible)
– Can be 0 ( You’ll have to do a lot of youtube free content research )
– Can be 1k ( You can buy one course and make your life a lot easier)
– LLC & Business Name
– Contract ( Get templates online )
( my recommendation: get a course)

2. Expenses ( all deductible)
Research Expense: Its all about staying in the loop and constantly learning
Ads to build up your brand or sell your service
Employees if you want to automate
CPA (I just hired one today)
3. Profits
– 1-10k per client, depending on who they are
– Automatic and give employees 20%

Action steps
Assuming you already took a course and incorporated
If you haven’t, keep watching put know you’ll have to do a lot of research on your own

1. What do you want to do? Pick a niche, and decide how much money you want to make, know the people doing it
– Follow all the professionals that you know that are doing that niche on a hire level and follow them.
– Why? Because we are going to study them: no matter how authentic they look, most of them have a marketing strategy. ( notice gary vee tweets at the same time that companies send emails: its strategy.
– Example: gary vee, I want to start a personal branding agency where I teach people how to build it up. I would go to gary vee and see what his doing
( Pick one thing and lock in for 18months, not working then switch)

2. Creating your Branding around niche
– Im talking get a nice profile picture that’s professional and catches people attention, and relate to what you do.
– Get your bio together ( tell people what you do, credibility and who you help
– And the best strategy for this is copy and paste ( so go to the people that do it on a higher level and copy and paste and just replace it with your info “boom.”
( its for business not for posting about how much you like Starbucks)

3. Creating the Brand, posting Content, giving value
– Your goal with your Instagram is to provide value, a very good tip everyday
– For your Instagram stories, your goal is to show people another perspective. Who you are, what you do, and how you can help them
– Now you might be curious about persuasion and marketing strategies, the key is to learn from the best. ( most curses give you 30 days to return it if your not getting results then return it)
– Posting ( post every day and think about the person you’re talking to, when are they more likely to be available to watch and listing to what you have to say)

4. Then you start connecting with businesses, building a network, getting customers
– (organic) Get customers you need leads and to get leads, you need to know your niche
– Example: if my niche is restaurants, I would start contacting them, checking google maps, online, and even going personally.
– The Goal: is get your foot in the Door and provide value for them and then they’ll know your fee is worth it

5. Automate The How
– Remember you want to get the customers that’s the goal ( businesses don’t care about likes)
– OR whatever niche you picked
– The best way to get the customer is (paid ads), so you need to become an expert at advertising.
– Hyper targeting: making sure you targeting the right people
– 1099: once you learn everything, then you can teach, and truly create an agency that not just you ( you pay them 20% commission, and you get 80%)





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    Not everyone ask because he do not want to give money,sometimes we do not have money.
    I only own a pc with i3 3rd Gen with 4gn ram only and I use my mother's mobile and I am 19!!.
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    First of all, you rock man!! You’ve dropped some value bombs in only 17 minutes! It’s like a mini course! Good job for that!
    I also have a quick question.
    I’n currently running my IG Marketing Agency and got 3 clients but in different niches. What’s your opinion on selling the services for different niches like (sports, health, fitness, events, gyms etc) I mean by doing the proper market research you can do it right? because the concepts are the same. Thank you and keep going

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