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How to Start an Amazon Book Selling Business [Full Tutorial]

How to Start an Amazon Book Selling Business [Full Tutorial]

How to Start an Amazon Book Selling Business [Full Tutorial]

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7 thoughts on “How to Start an Amazon Book Selling Business [Full Tutorial]

  1. Hi Bryan,
    Thank you for all the useful education,
    you provide in your videos!!!

    I have a few questions on flipping books.

    1—I want to do this as a serious part time business.
    My first goal is $1,200 profit.
    I have decent $$$ to start with,
    and I am willing to put in the time!
    So do you think $1,200 a month is realistic,
    and what kind of starting bankroll would you reccomend?

    2—I want to use Zenarbitrage,
    but should I also get Eflip also?

    3—Can I turn this into a $5,000+ per month business,
    on a full time basis , with thev proper bankroll?

    THANK YOU very much!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, does eflip work for the UK or only the US?

  3. The example book you used at about minute 13:00, was not new. The seller said he "only used it a little" or something like that. Can you ethically call it "new"? I'd say, you'd have to say, "like new" condition. Just curious

  4. Whatup. I’m learning from your videos. Got a quick question. How long would it take to get cash flow positive if I have about 1k to source and pay for pro account/eflip/shipping?

  5. Is 'bookfinder' included in the eflip subscription or is that something extra?

  6. Excellent presentation, extremely helpful information; will consider the referenced courses, and look forward to future posts!

  7. Thank you for the info! I have been researching the eflip and think I am going to use it. Have a great day!

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