How to Start a Blog in 2019 – Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

Learn how to start a WordPress blog in 2019 with this step-by-step tutorial for beginners. In this video, you’ll learn how to build, grow, and monetize your very own self-hosted WordPress blog.

By the end of this video, you’ll have a sleek, innovative, and mobile responsive blog that will give you the opportunity to earn a passive income online.

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Click the timestamp next to each step to jump to that specific part of the video.

1. Video outline. 2:31
2. How to start a WordPress blog (web hosting and WordPress installation). 8:01
3. How to set up a WordPress blog. 25:58
4. How to install a free WordPress theme (Shapely) *. 55:42
5. How to configure WordPress plugins and create a child theme. 1:01:12
6. How to design your blog and create a truly unique experience for your users. 1:37:51
7. How to monetize a WordPress blog. 3:24:29
8. How to create an opt-in form and landing page. 3:34:00
9. How to create an About Me and Contact page. 3:56:25
10. How to publish an awesome blog post (Gutenberg tutorial)! 4:20:11
11. How to set up a Privacy Policy page 4:58:55
12. How to create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google. 5:06:32
13. How to launch your blog! 5:11:20

* Shapely can be used for any industry or niche. However, for this video, I’ll be showing you how to create a photography blog.

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Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll also learn how to monetize your blog so that you can start earning a passive income with your digital platform. This is important because blogging has become a billion dollar industry, and the sooner you get your foot in the door, the quicker you’ll be able to start generating revenue with your blog.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a sleek, innovative, and mobile responsive blog that will give you the opportunity to earn a passive income online.

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1. Code Cheat Sheet

2. Access to Bluehost’s Exclusive Offer for WordPress Bloggers – ONLY $2.95 per month (affiliate link)

3. How to Transfer a Domain Step-by-Step Video

4. Download the Shapely WordPress Theme for Free

5. Child Theme Configurator PHP Debug Fix

6. Pixelmator

7. Canva

8. PNG Images

9. Hex Color Picker

10. HTML Copyright Symbol

11. Privacy Policy Guidance

12. Affiliate Disclaimer Template

13. GIFS

14. GDPR Sassy Social Share Privacy Policy Guidance

15. Validate XML Sitemap

16. Google Search Console

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Remember to grab your FREE copy of “The Blog Starter Kit” and learn how to build, grow, and monetize your next blog. Inside I’ll show you how to turn any blog into a thriving business.

Finally, be sure to follow this link to take advantage of Bluehost’s exclusive offer for WordPress users (affiliate link):

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Thanks for watching!

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41 Thoughts to “How to Start a Blog in 2019 – Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners”

  1. The time and effort Ben spent on this video is incredible. In just 5 hours I have a fully functional blog and can now add all the content necessary. So great! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this video,I am also beginners😅

  3. Incredible video 5 hr …👌👌

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  8. This video is fantastic! The value in this video is never-ending, and I still have 2 hours left… Thank you!!!

    I am running into 1 issue, however, and I am wondering if you know how to resolve it.
    My images always come out blurry on my website, I have messed about with the image size including the image dimensions on canva itself, and nothing is working!

    Hope you can help (:

  9. plss help i need a CSS code to center a widget on my home page it would help me a great deal do u have a CSS code for that?

  10. Whats the best and easyest affiliate programm?

  11. hi i cant seem to find any images that are for commercial use on kisspng only personal use images

  12. What’s amazing about this tutorial is that a person can simple listen to it and be accurately directed. You put a lot of thought into this, and it is much appreciated.

  13. I have a problem with the grid view on the blog page. I have adjusted the settings in read to summary. Nothing happens, also when I try to insert read more button it just leaves a blank space. Do you have any solution for this?
    Kind regards

  14. If i click home my blog is taking me to my last post page. Please help

  15. Content is good but it will be better to divide this smaller clips

  16. Thanks for putting this video together. I have a few questions:
    1) Can you format the text so that it is in block form instead of just left, center, or right justified?
    2) On the blog posts, is there any way to have the feature image appear without the corner cut out for the category ?
    3) Can you change the background color of the various blocks (on any page)?

  17. Thanks Ben for this Video.
    Really Enjoyed it 👌

  18. WONDERFULL i build blog in 20hrs following your vid insane thank you!! Just 1 question i would like 3-4blog post nexst to eachother instead of 2 is that possible or is it the layout?

  19. very very nice vid i have just 1 question can you get 3 or 4 blog posts nexst to eachother instead of 2 ?

  20. Hello..i followed your process and have a running blog with the shapely theme..thank you for that.
    Although i do have a few issues..i launched the blog about 2 days ago but it still doesn't show in google search results…ive gotten the Google search console acc..done the needful and deactivated the coming soon page..its still not showing…please do i wait and how long…if not,how do i fix this

  21. Thank you so much. If I hadn't paid for my hosting and domain, I would've certainly used yours. Keep up the good work.

  22. Thank you for making this video

  23. Thank you for making this video

  24. You are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL for offering this video for free! I've built wordpress pages before and after learning the "hard way"…I can say the info that you give here is relevant and on point! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Thank you very very much for this video, you are such a blessing! Very great tutorial and saved me a lot of research. God bless you!

  26. Hello Ben, thanks for the very detailed video throughwhich you have covered everything that concerns creating a website. i just have a question concerning the billing on bluehost. will i be paying the 3 year subscruption of my plan right at the beginning or it will be yearly?

  27. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for a really awesome piece of work. I am trying to create a blog following your tutorial. Everything has gone smoothly until about 04:48 into the video – the part where the php functions file is to be edited. I have followed your instructions carefully, but I get the following error message when I try to update the file:-

    syntax error, unexpected '$offset' (T_VARIABLE)

    and is referring to this line of the code snippet:-

    $offset = strpos($link, '#more-');

    I have tried without success to google a fix for this and would be really grateful if you would kindly assist in fixing this issue. Thanks in advance.


  28. I was following this excellent tutorial. I already had a blog and used ‘customize’ feature to follow the tutorial. After 90 minutes of following the tutorial, I realized all my 120 blog posts have disappeared and – MOST IMPORTANTLY – my landing page is also gone. How do I get it all back?

  29. Watched the whole video. Thank you very very very much for your efforts. I've already had a website up, but struggled with the structure of it. Now I completely revamped it and it looks as good as never before. I am forever grateful. Thank you very much.

  30. I'm at the copyright section of this video. Since I'm starting a blog that will have affiliate links such as Amazon within my blogs, do I need to have a copyright paid for and implemented at the bottom of my site? I've already paid for a disclaimer to be made up.

  31. Holy Moly! 5 hours? It's got to be great info. Here I go…..

  32. Just finished section 3. How To Set Up A Word Press Blog, very informative. I have 1 question. Why is "not secure" next to my domain name in the browser and when I try to link to the blog I come to an "unsecured page" instead of a default page?

  33. Awesome video. The best part of this video is YOU. Listening to you is like I just swum through the Atlantic Ocean. Words that come out from your mouth are scrumptious and maintaining great flow. Well, I am just asking you that my niche is Self improvement & personality development and health & fitness. Will this theme work for my niche?.
    I am looking forward to have you for my mentor. I really need to start this blogging journey. Glad to watch your video.

  34. Hey Ben,
    At 1:05:01 I didn't have the option to activate the site. Is there another way to activate the site through akismet?

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  37. This video is great! I am slowly, but surely trying to work on this video/blog. I am currently 2 hours and 40 minutes in and am rather stumped. There isn't a new "project" button on my dashboard. ONLY page or post. I tried to do it under "page" and it did not show up under the contact section under "my work" and I am not certain on where to fin it on my website. Any suggestions?

  38. I have been scouring the internet searching for a tutorial for dummies. Thank you for creating this. I am brand new to wanting to blog and felt like a complete moron watching other videos…until now. So thank you again for creating this video. I'm an instant fan and can't wait to watch any other videos you have made.

  39. Hi i would like to set up a conspiracy/crime/mylife blog, would you recommend me to use this theme or the other theme that you showed in your how to design a blog video or another theme that you personally think would suit better.

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