How To Source Retail Arbitrage With Tactical Arbitrage 2019

How To Source Retail Arbitrage With Tactical Arbitrage 2019

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7 Thoughts to “How To Source Retail Arbitrage With Tactical Arbitrage 2019”

  1. Thanks for the vids. I'm new to Amazon fba and keep hearing about category rank values that needs to be set on TA. Where I can find those value numbers so I can input in my settings? Thanks.

  2. Hello sir big fan,
    I have a question can tactical arbitrage do the same thing as eflip in regards to textbooks and books because I'd rather have an all around sourcing software, but don't want to miss out on things that eflip has that tactical arbitrage does not.

  3. When you get your list of products, does TA tell you or filter out products you are gated in?

  4. Good video, I have a question on the payout. You mentioned you could purchase the NYX product at a purchase of $6.85 and a return after fees of $5.69 but that leaves you at a loss of $1.16? I find these all the time when using Tactical Arbitrage but with Amazon fees I can't make anything. Am I missing something, I have a hard time finding products? Thanks..

  5. What TA package plan do u suggest

  6. Great video as always. I am actually visiting your fine city today. Do you limit the size of your order when doing this or do you have a spend size you stick with? Do the store workers give you the stink eye if you pick up a huge order?

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