How To Setup And Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Step-by-Step (2019) | Shopify Dropshipping

How To Setup And Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Step-by-Step (2019) | Shopify Dropshipping

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How To Setup And Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Step-by-Step (2019) | Shopify Dropshipping

Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook Marketing are some of the most powerful ads you can create. They are usually the easiest to make, fastest and easiest to manage which is why I made this video.

When you are starting out using Facebook Ads you will be spending your money on cold traffic and you can get some sales here and there from your warm traffic to help boost your daily sales so you can start scaling far faster without hurting your budget.

In this video you are going to learn what they are, how they work, how to configure them, how to market them to your audience so you can get the best return from your marketing campaigns.

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Today we are going into reviewing top shopify stores so you can see what they are doing, and can see what you can be doing also.

This is extremely valuable because you will see firsthand that there isn’t much difference between you and them at all.

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  2. damn good tutorial, man. Thank you! i've never done a dynamic ad for my site just because ive been putting it off but i see all the other brands using them. Great start for me thanks to you!

  3. google product category does it matter Ricky?

  4. How do you find your data feed name url?

  5. why is the volume of your video so fcking low??? all of your videos! I even turned up my laptop volume to maximum can cant still hear you…did you even watch the content you post on your youtube channel at all? or it's just posting video to earn money????

  6. Hey There, Thank you for your help and your time!

  7. The google docs presentation isn't working. You didn't attach it

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    Hi Ricky, the notes for this video are not found in your google docs…

  9. Just got off a consultation call that I won with ricky, and just gotta say he helped me a fair bit trying to boost my conversions, and some better ad ideas.. cheers again mate

  10. Crush it. CRUSH IT. Let's Crush It !!!!!!

  11. sir please tell me should i target worldwide exclude some countries or target epackets countries..?

  12. Hey Ricky, when do you advise setting up DPA ads? Have only had shy of 1,000 visitors to my new DS store. Is there a threshold when its advisable (i.e. 5,000+ unique visitors, etc). Thanks man!

  13. CRUSH IT!! Great content Ricky!

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