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How To: Set Up Amazon Promotional Codes For Your FBA Products

How To: Set Up Amazon Promotional Codes For Your FBA Products

One of the things that trips people up the most when it comes to launching their Amazon products is setting up their promo codes correctly.

The process is actually pretty straight forward once you’ve done it a few times, but can be a challenge to get right if you haven’t.

Join Chris from the Amazing Seller team as we walk you through the exact process we use to create the codes.

If you want to learn about which Promotional Code type is best for you or see a written guide to setting everything up correctly, you can find that here: https://theamazingseller.com/amazon-promos

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35 thoughts on “How To: Set Up Amazon Promotional Codes For Your FBA Products

  1. Great video! Are you paying Amazon for promotion? I know if you use coupon, amazon will charge $0.60 per sale.

  2. I know it is an old video, but i just want to let you know you did an amazing job that i was able to get all my question answered from your video. Keep it up.

  3. Hey Chris! Is it correct that I'll only have access to Amazon Seller Central if I pay a monthly fee? Because honestly I'm just planning on giving out my ebook for free for a week or 2 so that people give it good ratings and then afterwards I'll put it on full price again. It's as a start up!

    Also, to set these type of things up, does my product have to be exclusive on Amazon or can I sell it on multiple pages? Thank you! 🙂

  4. quick and easy explanation brotha thanks for the value given here!

  5. Thanks bud, great video!

  6. How can you track how many times a group coupon has been used OR how much $ have you given away in the discounts under that code per month?

  7. hi ! Great video! Thanks for sharing! I have a question: If someone shares the CODE (That was previously made as group and not single use, they can purchase as many units as they want? Another question, to this date , there is no "exclusive" claim code anymore… Whichone should I use?

  8. does anyone know if coupon codes created in Amazon can be used in an pop out form on your website to drive people to your amazon store?

  9. Thank you for the great Video. I do have a question. I am a new seller on Amazon launching my first product (no e-mail list or website yet)… I see that some people print a coupon discount code on their insert cards, is this the best way to do it? But what happens when the code is printed on packaging and the period of time runs out?? How does that work? Thank you! Tania

  10. Hey Nice vdo, Thanks!. One query for the launch since i dont have any specific influencers at or list at the moment can we make this promotion available to all AMZ customers – by checking the display text? Is that a good idea or there are any pitfalls you reckon? Thanks

  11. Hey man, great video

    I have a question. What`s the problem if i check "detail page display text" I mean, wouldn`t it be good if the people actualy sees the promotion. My goal is to boost sales, plus the product I am selling is udually sold in packs… so my promo is buy 2 get 5% , buy 4 get 15% buy 6 get etc…. I want people to see that so I can boost sales. So is leaving that option checked a good idea?

  12. How do I create a promotions for Giveaways and offer a 25% discount to those that does not win the giveaway?

  13. Does Amazon allow emailing these promo codes?

  14. Great video! I'm going to target products that my product goes with… thank you.

  15. Hi. If i give this code to one person to get a review. This review will be verified?

  16. I don't want to give the codes only to influencers but to everyone, what do I need to do? I only have to tick the box "Detail page display text", is that right? Will I receive some codes, or not? If – yes, what do I have to do with them?

  17. Question: I have two promos right now
    Percentage Off Promo – Buy product A get product B 50% off (limited to one)
    Coupon – Get 45% off product B
    Right now, these stack. Can I prevent stacking by switching the coupon to a percentage promo? Will it look any different to the buyer?

  18. Great Video! I want to create a one-time promo code for bulk emailing but cannot retrieve the codes file what should i do ? Keep posting such content.

  19. Thanks a lot. Now I can easily create promotions. You were a great help 🙂

  20. Hey buddy anyway you could make another video like this again for 2018! The set up is way different and confusing and very frustrating

  21. how to see yourself if the promotional is working ?

  22. Do you have to pay to make a promo code ? And does amazon notify you when the promo code is ready for use ?

  23. Great video. I needed refresher and this did the trick.

  24. I want my customer to buy one ASIN at regular price and receive a different ASIN for free or discount? do you have a video for that?

  25. Great video!! Answered EVERY question I had! Thank you!

  26. Great vid! But is there a way to setup tiered pricing, so that you don't need to have a promo code? i.e. if some buys 3 units, it automatically gives them the 25% off but if the person only buy one unit, then 0% off.

  27. Question:
    I’m running a promotional % for all buyers at launch…

    but I’m also running an ADDITIONAL promotional % via code for our Facebook Group community…

    “Group” and “Unrestricted”

    or what do you recommended?

  28. Thanks for the video!  Question:  If you are using a promotion code on a product insert, how long should you make the promotion last? Or can you make it indefinite?  Reason being, since the promo code is on the insert inside the product package, there is no way to know when the product will sell.  Thanks!

  29. Can I set a promo code for all the products in my store? How to get all the products into one Product Selection list? Thanks!

  30. So how do I test it. My listing is live & the promotion. But there is nowhere for me to input any promotional codes.

  31. How do you create a Social Media Promo code?

  32. Great video! I've made a promo code once but I just fumbled through it. This video will help me very much next time! Thank you!

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