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How to Sell Wholesale on Amazon | Ways to Sell from Home (2020) I Episode 1

How to Sell Wholesale on Amazon | Ways to Sell from Home (2020) I Episode 1

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Learn how to leverage an existing brand to find success on Amazon using the Wholesale method!

In this four-part webinar series, Jungle Scout’s resident experts Greg and Lenny walk you through sustainable business models for selling on Amazon so you can start making money online from home.

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45 thoughts on “How to Sell Wholesale on Amazon | Ways to Sell from Home (2020) I Episode 1

  1. Great info thanks Greg, what document do i need for wholesale from Newzealand apart from LLC ? thanks

  2. Thank you so much for all of the information you provided. This is something I would like to start off doing, would FBM be a viable way to do business wholesale?

  3. I’ve been watching this whole series. Greg is so well spoken and makes it sound so simple. Is there a reason sellers don’t just lower their prices to try to win the buy box more often?

  4. Thanks Greg… A much useful Video… thumbs up…

  5. AWESOME, wawww, Your the best, Excellent, Perfect, Amazing, what else can i say beside what these great comments said ,i read all of them and i even learned from the wonderful questions and replies .YOU deserve all the praise and more

  6. I already saw this video twice in less than 12 hours !!
    But, a question arises: How can I know how much certain company have in inventory for the product I want to market?

    Because I don't want to say that I have 10 in stock, when they only have 3

  7. Thanks for solving bunch of questions, greg…

  8. Excellent 👌👍👏 dude good information.

  9. Jay

    thank you so much, i love jungle scout

  10. one of the best video I've seen so far, this is what exactly I was looking for to get started

  11. Hello,

    Does the software work for someone trying to start selling from the UK?

  12. Do I need a sales tax permit/resell/ wholesale license or permit ? Or do I need to set up my business as an LLC?

  13. Hi, thanks. It was a nice comprehensive vdo about wholesale, but one thing that i would like to know is, do I have to initially buy the product from manufacturer and wait for the orders from amazon or Do i have to first get the sales order from amazon and then buy it and ship it to the customer. confused :S !!

  14. Yes, selling Wholesale in Canada but have a question about the Buy Box. In our experience, sellers with thousands of ratings override the buy box rotation. Is that not the case? It's very difficult to acquire Reviews now that the option to request them has been taken away.
    Another question … Does the length of time a FBA Seller has been on Amazon impact the buy box rotation as well?

  15. but the buy box doesn't rotate anymore, they changed the algorithm July last year.
    I started selling 2 months ago and I have some products that are getting zero sales with same price, FBA, high seller feedback etc.
    Even some FMB sellers with higher price get the buy box and I don't!

  16. What about Amazon Choice Badge can I select such products ? Also if the Manufacturer sell by their own . Can I also try such products or SKIP ?

  17. I listened to this twice. Deserves two thombs up!

  18. Respect from Pakistan….really this was AWESOME

  19. Hi Greg! Excelent video! I´m from Argentina and i´d like to start sell in this way. But i´ve some dubts about how can i creat a company from here. Can you help me with this? Is better an LLC on usa or there is another way better? Thank you very much.

  20. THankyou for sharing valuable information as always, i'd like to know do i need a professional seller account in order to do fba wholesale,or individual account is just fine ? secondly how can i create an account with wholesaler ? i appreciate your responce.

  21. I want to be a wholesaler of some small furniture items, such as coffee tables and bookshelf, but I don't know how to start.

  22. Excellent presentation! When setting filters in product database, why do you select FBM instead of FBA? Also, if selling an item already on Amazon, can I piggyback onto the existing listing or do I need to create one from scratch?

  23. Great video Greg! One thing that I dident get. How can we optimazie a listing that is already exciting and we dont "own"

  24. never did this wholesale but love to do it now after this nice presentation

  25. Excellent explanation👍🏻,this video answered a lot questions

  26. I want to try wholesale now, i never try before but only retail. Is it possible from Europe as well on only in US

  27. Misleading title. This isn’t about “selling wholesale” but about “sourcing from wholesalers” to sell on Amazon.

  28. In wholesaling, do you need to worry about getting UPC barcodes like private labeling?

  29. I haven’t tried wholesale yet, but I do look forward in pursuing this business.

  30. Which jungle scout package do we need to purchase to get the product database feature?

  31. Anyone actually put this in action ? How have I not heard about this ?

  32. THis is very very informative and down to earth coaching. Appreciate taking the time. I have one question. You had mentioned that no listing is required. That is the part I don't fully understand. If the manufacturer dont have a presence in amazon then how is there a listing in Amazon. Can you pls explain this part ?. If they did and have a poor listing. How can I edit their listing. are there videos about this please let us know. Again Thank you for a valuable coaching in this video.

  33. Awesome Sir, best explanations ever..thanks

  34. What kind of licenses do you need when doing wholesale/ arbitrage? If I am whole sale food, who will responsible if something happened to customer after the eat it? Is safe to do sole-proprietary this case? Could you please explain the storage fee for wholesale? Is it’s any less expensive than private labeling when store on Amazon relatively in the same space?

  35. This video is so informative! Question. Once I get the products from the manufacture how do I get set up through Amazon to sell?

  36. Very nice presentation.. thank you!!!

  37. Hoping to get started wholesaling

  38. Oh my , the best explanation ever !! 👏👏👏

  39. im going to try wholesale soon. I think retail arbitrage is very time consuming and you dont get much profit sometimes.

  40. The problem comes when people are dropping prices to price you out.

    For example. There’s 2 sellers selling a product at £20
    They both share the buy box 50% each
    You come in at £20 their share of the buy box has now gone from 50% to 33%
    For simple terms:

    The item sells 100 a month, the 2 original sellers get 50 sales each
    Now you come on the listing they get 33 sales.

    This is the same as having a McDonald’s and then kfc opens up across the road

  41. Great video ! I have a question… Once I've got a brand to agree to sell me a product, where do I go from there ? What's the process to actually getting my order into Amazon and moving forward ? Thanks !

  42. Hi Greg, that was excellent. I like the way how you explain step by step. Question, if I find the product and I got approve to sell their product. Then, do I have to create a page for the pictures to sell it? or Just order from the wholesale supplier and ship to my FBA amazon warehouse? Do the wholesale take care of the product that have to go in a proper box and ready to send to the customer? or I have to take of that as amazon fba seller? Thanks so much

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