How To Sell Online Courses With Facebook Ads (#1 Key To Success)

How To Sell Online Courses With Facebook Ads (#1 Key To Success)

Want to know how to sell online courses with Facebook Ads?

In this video I explain the single most important component when it comes to selling courses with Facebook Ads.

And over the past 5 years I’ve learnt that building very warm audiences first, is critical to successfully using Facebook Ads to sell info products.

You can use a variety of different mediums to build a very warm audience – including Facebook Ads.

But if you already have an established following, those are the people you want to target with your Facebook ad campaigns… and that is where your profitable online course sales are going to come from.

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How to Create Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns That Convert in 2020:

How To Use Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool To Find Killer Facebook Targeting Options:




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10 Thoughts to “How To Sell Online Courses With Facebook Ads (#1 Key To Success)”

  1. Thanks a lot for watching! Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

  2. I’m going to start teaching Somali and Danish online any extra advice. This video was great by the way.

  3. thanks Ben, very informative as always. Do you have videos on advertising on youtube? thanks!

  4. I understand people say start a blog or youtube channel but what if all your information is all in your master course, doesn't that defeat the objective? I can't make 10-20 videos giving all free value because then there's no need for my course at the end

  5. Hello Ben.
    Deviating from the topic I want to ask how do you put such title with blue hashtags because I tried hard enough but didn't find the exact right way.please respond

  6. great info Ben… just subd… in the next few minutes I'm launching a facebook ad for a course I created. I agree with your points about "warmth" and the decision process of buyers.

  7. What's up Ben ? I wanna ask about audience overlap , because I got 2 Adsets for a local biz with 20 euros a day each , the first one is a broad 400k audience (no interest targeting) and the second one is at 200k (with interest targeting) , but the second audience is included in the first one , does it mean I'm competing against myself ?

  8. Hey Ben , I know that before/after photos of people are against Fb Ads policies, but I have a Kitchen design client is it okay to make a before/After photos of his kitchen's portfolio on fb ads ?

  9. Want to sale courses ? simple, just be real. As a fake gurus hater, I can say most of the courses I have watched are bullshit. Not because they dont know how to run facebook ads but they dont want to reveal their niches, their tips and tricks. They all just teach you the basic things that you can easily find on Google. Your videos are helpful btw (I'm making money thanks to the videos, you can show my face on your testimonial, "this guy make $5000 in a month just by watching my free videos" LOL).

  10. I think you should perform practical because in this way people take more interest in your videos

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