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How To Sell On Amazon With No Money

How To Sell On Amazon With No Money

How can you start selling on Amazon with no money? If you follow the private method model, then you can’t. You’ll need to invest some upfront cash into the business in order to get started, how much money you invest will depend on several factors including the actual product you pick.

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44 thoughts on “How To Sell On Amazon With No Money

  1. Tatiana, I'm stuck. I worked for 30 years and retired as a paralegal. I need guidance. I want to enter the workforce. Please give me some sound advice. Thanks.

  2. Who wants to invest in Amazon business together ?

  3. I have mystery Boxes of thing i have laying around the house. so how do i start. i have my own items

  4. But can't you set it up to where you don't buy the product until customers pay you 1st then yoh order from the discount site. Do this a few times then go legit with an investment. So yest you xan do it but you not gonna make a whole lot. But do it for 3-4 months then you have liquid cash to invest.

  5. ''Everything happens for a reason and in Gods time.'' Gosh, you are an asset mehn. 👍

  6. Hello friends, I live in Russia and would like to cooperate with someone who will help me sell in Amazon. I'm waiting for suggestions friends. I have my own clothing production in Russia. you can sell a lot of things from Russia to Amazon I need help

  7. Thank you for not wasting my time

  8. Hi Tatiana Where is the link for 20% Jungle Scout. Thanks

  9. OMG… soooo beautiful and super smart.that's rare to hard to find in this World .

  10. R O

    It’s really not that hard! At first i really got trapped and didn’t know what to do! But now after a while of learning i was listed on the top selling couple of times! Using some tools of course

  11. I love your no nonsense and clear approach. I am CEO of a social enterprise and we are looking for an income stream to help partially subsidise the wellbeing coaching sessions we offer to local young people and this is top of our list so thanks for your videos 🙂

  12. Now, I made up my mind to seriously follow you.

  13. I think very positive of you.

  14. Well spoken, understanding, realistic, experienced and helpful all at the same time. Your videos help so many people. Thank you for all you do

  15. Hi, you made a great video, how did you do marketing your books? thank you

  16. Hi Tatiana, do you do POA on suspended account?

  17. Wow! I'm getting addicted to your dollness or am I becoming a doll too. You don't post much on Luxx channel?

  18. What’s the best way for a Canadian to set up their seller central account, do cross border accounts work good or is using your existing Canadian banking info the only way despite having to lose $$ on exchange

  19. How many writers did you work with on the dog training niche? Also, were they all-round writers or people experienced in the field?

  20. Can you provide a link to your Amazon store?

  21. I just would like to know how its still feasible to list on amazon
    Where i live the big brands are using the platform then the amazon private label in food and supplements.
    So how can a private label or new product compete ????
    Its gone to the big players

  22. Hello, this is really by far the best video! I am just wondering how do I set my brand if I don't have a brand? Or can I just ask the supplier to label anything without needing a brand registry (the trademark will take forever to processed) Hope you could help me with this!! Thanks!

  23. What is your business called?

  24. Your beauty is distracting.

  25. Hi Tatiana. Kudos on your very successful lifestyle. I think everyone who has the ambition and drive deserves all the success in the world. I’m been watching your videos and have become really inspired to give this type of business a try. However, I recently spoke with a marketing expert who advised me not to do it because Amazon finds the products that are selling best and undermines other sellers. I’d love to hear your opinion on that. Love your videos because your come across in a very genuine and honest way. Keep inspiring!

  26. Thanks Tatiana for the heads up! Amazing video 🙌

  27. Can you help me out finding a product ?

  28. Honestly so true! I started my FBA business in April 2020 when the pandemic happened. My job closed and I had about 15k saved I used about 1k to buy a course to teach me how to do Amazon Arbitrage and that was just for the course. I then had to pay for softwares which are mostly monthly subscriptions and the main expense is inventory. Dam that can get really expensive especially when you have a prep center. You’re literally paying by the second just for breathing lol Everything is a cost and right about now it’s feeling like I’m putting out more than I’m getting back but I’m just hoping with time it pays off. I pretty much know how Amazon works now and I think I’m going to start focusing on private labeling after all the inventory I have sells so I can make some money back. Hopefully lol

  29. I appreciate how down to earth and realistic you put things. Especially us with noooooo finance background. Thank you!

  30. Tatiana thank you for all of your videos, inspiration, and wanting to give back. My question is, unfortunately at this time, I am unable to invest a lot of money upfront ie. A $5k course and other full on necessary financial investments. The frustration is is that I’m not currently working but see it all so clearly. You’ve advertised two courses with different focuses. The Amazing Selling Machine and Marketplace Superheroes. My goal is eventually to launch what ASM teaches. Could I first begin with SM and then transition and scale my business to the ASM model? Why or why not? What are the steps that you would take?

  31. ❤👌 how can I start small businesses🤔🤔.. At least to for my lovely twins sons❤❤for their education 😷🤕🤕

  32. I just found your channel. You are amazing!! Thank you for this information and encouragement ❤👍

  33. Thank you for sharing very great information for us Tatiana. You are amazing.

  34. Thank you for this video, can I start my Amazon business in Nigeria

  35. Is it possible to make this work with products only made in the USA? Id like to do this without getting products from outside the country
    Thank you for your advise

  36. You are always 100% transparent. Thank you for the amazing content you put out there Tatiana! You are the best!

  37. Thank you for being honest 😢❤️

  38. Secondly we need to furchase all the Software available for Amazon like Helium 10, jungle scout, keepa, merchant words, viral Lounch etc. Or which software would be enough for first launch

  39. Thanks for the tips. Please tell me which market is better to Lounch your first product. I have just 5000$.

  40. Love it 💓 thank you Tatiana

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