How To Sell on Amazon FBA UK For Beginners – Complete Tutorial 2019 – Full Step By Step Guide

How To Sell on Amazon FBA UK For Beginners - Complete Tutorial 2019 - Full Step By Step Guide

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Welcome to the complete beginners guide to starting Amazon FBA UK 2019! I have tried to make this the most comprehensive Amazon FBA Private Label Guide, taking you step by step through every stage so you know what you need to do in order to be successful with selling on Amazon in the UK and EU marketplaces. So if you find it helpful, please be sure to drop and like and comment what you think!

If you want to know how to make money on Amazon, how to start Amazon FBA Private label in the UK, or you want a full comprehensive guide to selling on Amazon FBA UK 2019, then this is the video for you 🙂 If you are starting your own private label product in the UK or EU, be sure to leave a comment with your own experience. Also, if you have any questions about this beginners guide to starting selling on Amazon FBA in the UK/EU, feel free to contact me on Instagram.
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5 Thoughts to “How To Sell on Amazon FBA UK For Beginners – Complete Tutorial 2019 – Full Step By Step Guide”

  1. 01:00 – Who Am I?

    01:37 – Why I Made This Guide

    02:10 – The Amazon Opportunity

    02:45 – Amazon's UK Growth

    03:12 – What is Amazon FBA?

    03:43 – What is Private Labelling?

    04:40 – Business Basics

    05:33 – Setting Up A Limited Business

    07:06 – Business Insurance

    08:00 – Setting Up Amazon Seller Central

    08:55 – Accountants and Charge Cards

    09:40 – Amex Gold Business Charge Card

    10:04 – The Ideal FBA Product

    10:45 – Amazon FBA Fees

    12:16 – Product Restrictions

    13:47 – Is Your Product Seasonal?

    14:46 – Products To Avoid

    16:27 – Product Research With Helium10

    23:33 – How to Check Profitability

    25:31 – How to Improve Your Product

    27:06 – Contacting Supplier

    28:43 – Choosing a Supplier

    29:42 – Payment Terms Explained

    30:32 – Creating a Product Listing on Amazon LIVE

    31:25 – Amazon Barcodes Explained

    33:30 – Creating a Product Listing Continued

    35:25 – How to Pay Suppliers

    36:40 – Getting an Inspection

    37:38 – VAT Explained For FBA Sellers

    39:56 – Shipping: Air or Sea?

    41:54 – Freight Forwarders

    43:04 – Shipping Key Terms

    44:40 Creating a Shipping Plan on Amazon LIVE

    46:50 – Getting Your Product Label/FNSKU

    47:05 – Creating the Perfect Product Listing

    48:22 – Keyword Research on Helium10

    50:33 – Creating a Product Listing in Helium10

    51:24 – Getting Your Product Selling

    53:24 – Getting Reviews For Your Product

    54:30 – Avoid 1 Star Reviews

    55:44 – The Power of Amazon FBA

    56:40 – Why 97% of People Don't Take Action

    57:48 – Forgot Motivation, Use This Instead

  2. Wow bro this is an incredible.. and I mean incredible video good job man. Just a quick question, how much initial investment is needed in your opinion or from your experience. I’m also 19 and live in London so I’ve been thinking about this for some time and want to save some money to start it.

    Many thanks.

  3. Another great video full of valuable content. Great Job!

  4. This was a very good video with everything you need to know to start with Amazon fba, it helped me out! Thanks man! 😀

  5. Man, always great content ! I think this hour long video is probably better than whatever £200-3 or £500 course you get 🙂 I have learned so much off Youtube lately … One question though, with the Amex Card, how much do they charge you in fees for foreign transaction ? I'm currently using my Monzo debit card as they don't charge you anything and apply the exchange rate of the day but I don't earn anything (miles or rewards etc…) so I'm quite tempted to get one for this for the business in case the fees aren't too crazy ! Keep up the good work, you are crushing it !

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