How To Sell Items On Amazon With Retail Arbitrage | Creating Your Shipment & Listing

How To Sell Items On Amazon With Retail Arbitrage | Creating Your Shipment & Listing

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39 Thoughts to “How To Sell Items On Amazon With Retail Arbitrage | Creating Your Shipment & Listing”

  1. Hi, what is the fastest way to get review from customer ? this month i had 112 order so far but only 2 review so far.

  2. Thank you! And after my inventory got to FBA, does it start to sell automaticly or I need to list it somehow again?

  3. Thank you Tanner, The video is very helpfull

  4. question …I bought some RA products. I have not listed them because I am nervous. Maybe I am overthinking 🙂 How many RA products the same can we send in? and even if we have only one of something, is there a concern that a manufacturer or distributor or Amazon telling us to take it down? This biz is very important to me. I see you list things as new. That is ok to do? Thanks

  5. Do you have to buy and place a barcode on the items you list?

  6. So when you pay Amazon to label your products for a roughly $0.20 a product, do they also remove old price tag on your product?

    Let's say you bought something discounted at a discount store, your product will come with a price tag sticker on there from the store but who removes those?

  7. I have a 65" tv and still can't see anything clearly on this video. Words are way too small to actually tell what you're doing and clicking. For future reference

  8. When should you make your listing on Amazon? Should you wait until you or amazon recieves your products or do u do it right after y ou buy?

  9. What is the difference between net profit and net margin?
    What should they both be ideally?
    I see in one of your previous examples you say 50% profit back on cost price…. But the net margin said 28% (last entity in fba calculator) .

  10. Could you have drop shipped item from your online purchase and had that retailer ship item directly to Amazon? Is this possible?

  11. Does this require a professional sales account with amazon in order to be able to compete with the buy box?

  12. With FBA- when you item sells and its prime.. what is the fee is it extra than the 15%? TIA

  13. Tanner, at the beginning of the video you state that you're going to tell us how to do this retail arbitrage without having to ever touch the product but in the shipping portion of the video you take about weighing boxes, putting in box dimensions, printing out shipping labels for the box, etc. You never did tell us how to get the product from a retailer(ie Target) to Amazon without us ever having to touch the boxes. Are you going to do another video explaining how to get the product to Amazon without us having to touch the product?

  14. Hey man what if I buy like 10 drones or something, and no one buys them haha. Could that happen?

  15. Hi Tanner, so would you suggest looking for and purchasing about 10 or so items (as a starting out point) to package and then sell on amazon?

  16. Could you send each product to amazon one by one from target or Wallmart? Instead of shipping them to yourself?

  17. Instructions not clear… now have 600 drones in my living room and shipping label stuck to peen

  18. My main problem is most of the products I scan are either nonprofitable or restricted products. What is your suggestion?

  19. Wouldn't it be better to just FBM it, order from target and ship to buyers adress? no FBA fees or shipping to amazon?

  20. A P

    Thanks for such an awesome video.. can u please make video on how to get ungated ??

  21. M B

    Is it possible to order the products online and send them straight to the Amz warehouse without having to even touch the product?

  22. Wait so buy the product elsewhere. Get it shipped to your house. Post it on Amazon. Then take the product, label it, and ship it to Amazon?

    So you don't buy the product and ship it directly to Amazon instead of your house?

  23. I really, really appreciate the in-depth look at exactly what we need to do to make it happen. Planning on using this method to grow. I do have one question though. I found a good RA product to sell, but the Amazon post doesn't have the particular color variation I need. Does that mean I need to make a whole new post for this product? Thanks a lot!

  24. Cool. Thanks for the upload.

  25. Do we have to buy the products upfront and I heard about paypal jail thing…

  26. Retail arbitrage is an AMAZING way to get you feet wet and start learning about amazon and online selling!! Sooo important to just start and get a feeling of how this all works! Once you do it’s easier to jump to different business models like wholesale or private label! Awesome video tanner! 🔥🔥🔥

  27. You rarely get a walkthrough like this. Thanks.

  28. do you have to schedule a pick up from ups to pick up the box and send to FBA?

    or does amazon already schedule your pick up?

  29. So is this Patrick's "New Big Business" ? hehe

  30. So we have to buy the product upfront and then send to amazon before it sells? Is there a way to drop ship retail arbitrage using amazon?

  31. What about skus? Do you have to put it on each item sent to FBA? Thank you for the video

  32. This is a great step by step walk through!

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