How to sell Facebook ads to customers – selling Facebook ads

How to sell Facebook ads to customers - selling Facebook ads

How to sell Facebook ads to customers *** Find your first marketing funnel customer:
Selling Facebook ads to customers seems like easy money. Everyone wants to use Facebook ads, and there an incredibly effective business tool. So why are you struggling to sell Facebook ads to your customers? This video we’ll talk about why you should not sell Facebook ads, and instead focus on selling the results that the adverts get. I’ve also included a sales pitch for you on how to sell Facebook ads.

Find your first marketing funnel customer:

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Cliff notes:

You think Facebook ads are a fantastic opportunity for your business and your customers, but how do you sell it to them?
You’re struggling to convince clients that they need to spend money on Facebook ads
other businesses seem to make money selling adverts on Facebook, so why can’t you?

Don’t do percentage of ad spend as a revenue model

Focus on customers who have already got traffic, and add budget and a product that currently sells
don’t sell advertising, sell what the advertising gives them
Everyone says “measurable ROI” and people think that’s what customers want-it’s a red herring
measurable ROI is still difficult with Facebook ads-it’s a question of trust
Focus on a niche-everyone is selling Facebook ads, it’s no longer a differentiator
don’t define yourself by what you do, define yourself by who you serve
increased qualified traffic to your sales pages and squeeze pages
Reduced ad spend in other media
increasing current conversion rates across products are currently selling
topping up the funnel with new leads
testing the market cost effectively

I want to show you how you can halve your advertising budget on other media while increasing conversion rates and sales rates of your current products all the while getting valuable feedback from your potential customers. If you only have 2 in 10 people buy your product online, what if there was an easy, affordable and effective way to increase that to 4 out of 10 or even 8 out of 10? The reason people don’t buy isn’t because they don’t like the products, it’s because you haven’t shown your message to them enough times. I want to show you a way of being able to target people who have clearly demonstrated an interest with your products, all the while affordably and manageably driving them to your sales pages.


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7 Thoughts to “How to sell Facebook ads to customers – selling Facebook ads”

  1. I charge $1500 per month. I don't sell Facebook ads, but I use Facebook ads as a way to drive new customers to my clients to improve their business productivity. It takes 3-6 months for clients to start seeing a good ROI ( $1500 + ad spend adds up ) and it scales the longer they stick with the program. I also build and develop WordPress websites, run Google Ads and optimize GMB accounts. I use an automated backend system to separate the qualified from the junk. I produce the content, ad copy and creative, landing pages among other things. $1500 per month is only for the Facebook marketing option.

  2. thanks for the video and i am going to be pitching my first possible client and i will let you know how it goes

  3. How to sell dockets, i mean the ads behind the cash receipts in Australia??

  4. I sell Facebook ads as a service but I don't really say that haha.

    My niche is local fitness business and I currently phrase it as generating new leads and members to their gym. Since they are local businesses, they don't really have an online sales page, so explaining "conversion rate" is pretty much meaningless to them at this stage.

    I position myself as a business consultant because eventually, I want to increase the revenue of their business. I can do that by generating new leads (this alone can change the bottom line for some business) and improve their overall sales funnel/ process. For example, I have been working with a local gym for over 4 months and I generate close to (probably more now) 500 new leads. But what we also found is that their sales process is weak, they can't close most of the time, so this is where I also look into next.

    My specific question is how to go from 1 to 10 clients? 10 x $1,000/mth is my first significant milestone. I have got this local gym good results so I have something to show. If I can do 10 strategy calls a week and close just 2, I know I can get to that number fast. Where I am stuck is to book enough calls, in which I know my cold outreach is slow. I haven't been sending out enough emails to businesses. I can't exactly remember whether you talked about cold outreach before, but what's your strategy in a case like me?

    I don't have ad budget to spend yet (if I did, I'd run my own ad), I have 1 good result to leverage, I want to grow from 1 to 10 clients and what's the fastest way to grow (waking up to see 3 – 5 appointments booked in my calendar every day)?

  5. Mike! Very timely. How are you pricing FB ads if not by percentage of spend? Are you using value based pricing? Cheers man

  6. Great, love the consistent message about you don't sell the thing, you sell the results of the thing.

  7. Do you sell Facebook ads? How about using the pitch I wrote (in the description).

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