How To Sell BRAND NAME Products On Amazon

How To Sell BRAND NAME Products On Amazon

If You Are Still In The Dark About How YOU Can Sell BRAND NAME Products On Amazon, Then This Video Will Clear Everything Up!!!!!!!

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Now I think a lot of the confusion surrounding wholesale stems form the lack of information on youtube. You can find hundreds and hundreds of videos from a hundred different people surround arbitrage and private label, but there is very limited information when it comes to wholesale.

So when it comes to selling these branded products, the first thing you need to understand is how these products make it to the retailers.

If you don’t know, a retailer is any store that you go to that sells any sort of goods to the end consumer.

Walmart, target, home depot, any retail store. But you with your amazon business are also a retailer. You are buying products a wholesale price, not paying sales tax, and selling those products to the end consumer.

The product starts off usually overseas but regardless of where it is created, the manufacturer of that product will distribute it, amongst US based distributors. We always use US based distributors only, if you’re selling in the US marketplace. So from here the distributor sells it to the retailers.

Now we can through a few more steps into this process but you guys know I like to keep things simple. So this is the basic process from a manufacturer to the retailer.

Now what allows the retailers to resale these products, is by purchasing from authorized distributors.

The simplest way to explain to you what an authorized distributor is, is a distributor that has the full rights to sale that product to you, for you to go and re-sell to the end consumer. Also this distributor is recognized by amazon as being authorized.

Now you can purchase products from distributors that are not authorized but that is when you start running into problems with brands coming after you or running into problems with amazon.

So always do your best to purchase from authorized suppliers. And If you do not know how to vet out a supplier, don’t worry I already have that video scheduled to record, so it will be coming out soon.

Ok so now you understand that portion of the business, lets go over what you will not have to do so that you fully understand how things are going to work on the amazon side of things.

So the first thing that you will not have to do is create a listing for the product you are selling.

Contrary to private label, where you have to create a listing from scratch, take photos, do keyword research, optimize your descriptions, optimize your titles, optimize your photos and get reviews.

All you have to do with wholesale is jump on the listing that already exists, and sell from there. That’s it!

Think of wholesale like arbitrage but on a much larger scale.

The second thing you will not have to do is ppc (pay per click).

Just incase your unfamiliar with this, this is just amazons way of advertising on the platform. So anytime you search for something on amazon and see the sponsored product first, that is someone running a ppc campaign.

So ppc is primarily used to get more sales on a product. It is very heavily used in the private label community to rank products and market their product in order to get organic sales down the road.

You do not have to do this, because you are selling brand name products. The manufacturers of these products have spent millions and millions of dollars marketing this product to death, so that anyone and their mother knows what that product is right when they see it.

So the use of PPC is unnecessary.

With that being said if we are talking about a little more advanced way of doing wholesale and working with smaller brands directly, PPC can be useful tool to increase overall sales but it is absolutely not necessary.

Inspired by Beau Crabill, Check out his video here:

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    I'm starting with $3000, how should I use that to scale? Invest all the 3k into one product, split the investment into 2 products 1500 a piece or 1k a piece with 1k on standby, or have several products spreading the 3k out further?

  6. Another great video. After taking your course, listening to these videos really help send it home even more. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hypothetically, if I DID do PPC for smaller unknown brand w multiple sellers on listing, would that benefit ALL sellers on listing or just mine? If hate to be paying for EVERYONE to get more sales

  8. Hi Marvin. I am interested in how to find suppliers, distributors. You do a great job with us!

  9. Ali

    I am looking to buy the course and I’d like to get into Amazon wholesale business.

    My goal is to make $5000 profit per month so how much will I need to save up to make that much monthly on a consistent basis?

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