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How to Sell Books on Amazon FBA for Profit – Bookselling Tutorial for Beginners – Quick Start Guide

How to Sell Books on Amazon FBA for Profit – Bookselling Tutorial for Beginners – Quick Start Guide

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This video, is my attempt at helping people who just found out about selling books on Amazon understand how to do it, and what they need to get started

Library Sale Video: https://tr.im/library

How to Sell Books https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIZz5tkS-sI&list=PLC7FBp9RHhdrObBXbJecupq2VK1NnUAch&ab_channel=ReezyResells
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Below are some of the software/services and tools/equipment that I use and/or recommend for you to use. I wouldnt ever recommend something I didnt use myself first and know was good for you. If not explicitly stated otherwise, assume im being compensated in some way for sharing these links

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40 thoughts on “How to Sell Books on Amazon FBA for Profit – Bookselling Tutorial for Beginners – Quick Start Guide

  1. Hi Reezy. I’ve found a guy who sells 5 gaylords of books for 950$. I don’t know if I do a deal or not

  2. N A

    Can you switch a regular seller account over to an llc at a later date or should I start it as an llc from the beginning? Awesome content man thanks for sharing all the great information 🤙

  3. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🐐

  4. Watching this is 2021. Just finished the video. Another great source for some value. Thank you! I know this is a few years old, but it gives me a chance to see the software mentions and what they do and how they actually stack up today.

  5. The lighting on your glasses making you look like 🤓🤓🤓👀👀👀

  6. Can college books have hightlights throughtout the pages

  7. Goodiing great happy i came back, sound is goog,

  8. Super informative. Thanks Reezy for all you do

  9. I'm just getting started & have SO. MANY. QUESTIONS! But THIS VIDEO!!! Thank you for being so practical & honest. So many questions answered ~ I'm ready to ship my 1st shipment after this!

  10. The other day I was in the dollar tree and they had hard back books for $1.00 that are going for $15.00 to $17.00 on Amazon. The only issue I saw was there were black dots in sharpie on the page edges that you can only see when the book is closed.. Will those black dots affect selling on Amazon? Do I have to list it as used since it has those black dots or can I still sell it new?

  11. Do you ship the books to Amazon or do you send them to the people yourself?

  12. You better be reezn that shelf!

  13. hey reezythanks for this video it put me on the raod to leaving my job and in 1 year puting 10 hour a week in i made 10 grand in the first year thank you this is the video that got me started

  14. Thanks for sharing. Do not need to know how to clean. Hell I can remove ink at this point. But I can only even if I completely strip a book of its library condition. Can only sale as a library. It's a gut thing. But like to know the extremes that one's needs to go

  15. Hello. Could you show a library book before and after you clean it and go over the condition state of it. Thanks

  16. I found a bunch of books between 10,000-50,000 rank brand new, my question is how long does it normally take to sell books within this range. Also if you have brand new books and the cheapest seller is amazon do you match Amazon’s price or beat it?

  17. Hi, Reezy I had a question if you have time. Does the amount of sellers selling the same item on FBA matter? Will it effect your sales? And how?

  18. My friend is giving me tons of books for free. A lot of them are pretty old. Early 80s, etc…If a book has a sales rank of 2-3 Mil, and only sells for $2-$4, is it worth it to list? If so, FBA or FBM?

  19. I started watching Nicole States in 2016, also when I really got into Youtube. Now I’m sending books into Amazon as of last month, sold them all in a week! Now I’m addicted to watching you. I’m so appreciative of you both for sharing what you know, helping others.
    If you ever need a volunteer for a day to help out! Message me! I’m positive I’ll learn from you just by helping out.

  20. New subscriber, Diggin the channel. Lots of good info. Thanks

  21. I have watched your videos as well as Raiken Profits also roamer the roamer awesome content and info God bless u and ur family

  22. You said step 1 is make sure the book has profit, then investigate the sales rank history. How do you use keepa or ccc on the go while trying to scan books fast?

  23. Like your videos Reezy. Question, I had some really good textbooks sent in thru FBA and the most profitable ones (2) came up missing. Any ideas to combat that in the future??? I dont want to be discouraged from selling books because of some warehouse thief…

  24. Found this video got my questioned from yesterday answered here as well at 42:30. These videos are awesome. Thank you for all your information.

  25. Love the content! Just Got My FBA Account Set Up recently. Been Hittin the Books Hard!

  26. @Reezy Resells which re-pricing software do you recommend?

  27. Took a screenshot but don’t know the social media piece. So sorry. I enjoy your expertise for this newbie. Thank you. Catherine Mckenzie

  28. We’re late to the party.. but are we to late to get in on the fun? Do you think we can still make money selling books on amazon?

  29. Mr. Miyagi! f=Focus!! Focus!!

  30. Hi! Which podcast corresponds to this video? I can’t Doordash and YouTube at the same time!

  31. QUESTION Still do not understand how to price books for Amazon. I go to list a book and many sell it so low they would not earn $5.

  32. I am about to watch this. I hope it gives good info.most videos give you just enough info and then want you ti buy there plan. I want to try this…i cant pay $40 yet.

  33. I just picked up few hundred free books. Most of the books are hardback and in good shape. There are a complete sets like encyclopedias, art and history. As a beginner, what’s the best way to go about moving them?

  34. thank for sharing your knowledge

  35. Hello there, I have a question related to this video. I figured that textbooks are going to be a big part of trying to grow my business, but now I’m concerned. If I’m only selling used books, will Amazon ask for an invoice? I don’t want to start this, then get stopped, and stuck with a bunch of inventory, supplies, and reoccurring fees on everything I’m using to run an Amazon business. How can you get around this, or did I misunderstand what was said?

  36. About how many books do you send a week to FBA?

  37. REEZY what do u have your settings set at, on your scout IQ scanner? For scanning books. I hear the numbers can be deceiving if u don't set you scout IQ scanner correctly to get the most accurate results.

  38. reezy if im doing fba, do i need a label printer for the labels that go on each book or can i tape it ?

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