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How to sell arbitrage on Amazon – Amazon Seller app explained

How to sell arbitrage on Amazon – Amazon Seller app explained

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Learn how to use Amazon Seller App in this Amazon arbitrage for beginners tutorial. This Amazon arbitrage app is the #1 tool any arbitrager needs!

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41 thoughts on “How to sell arbitrage on Amazon – Amazon Seller app explained

  1. Seth I know this video is 3 years old but damn bro great content. Finally got my Acct activated so I’m pumped 💪🏼 after videos like this.

  2. Do you have any videos on understanding seller central and setting it up for those doing online arbitrage

  3. Need some training about selling on amanzon are you doing that?

  4. please help i am confused do i have to still pay a monthly $39.00 fee along with paying amazon for ebvery item they sell for me?? please im confused

  5. Will I be charged by 3 countries if I apply an account on AmazonSeller

  6. Great video! I was so confused on how to get started and this really helped!

  7. Thank you very much. I just learned something…

  8. I love how you straight up dived into the actual thing instead of telling us success stories first.

  9. Seth Home Depot didn't merge with Office Max @ 6:35 you meant Office Depot.

  10. @Just One Dime so i watched your video and the part you said the rule of thumb with shipping cost is 60 cents per item? im new to fba shipping i sent out 3 pairs of shoes in boxes to a fulfillment center it cost around $10 what am i doing wrong??

  11. I pray that God continues to bless you and your family Seth.
    Love you. My brother in God.
    And you, can take that love to the bank Brotha😁

  12. At 10:27 you said “ imagine I’m online looking at Walmart’s close out sale “ are you telling me I can use the amazon sellers app to in Walmart’s website online?

  13. Hello,
    Thank you for the informative video. If you can please help me out with this question it will clear some confusion I'm having,
    The green numbers that estimate the product profit on the seller Central app is that the amount that Amazon will send to your account as your final payment? or is the initial investment also added?

  14. For retail arbitrage is it better to register as an individual or privately owned business?

  15. Pure substance, I absolutely cherish it. You earned a subscriber today.

  16. Great video! I liked how you used the arrows in your video! Helped a lot! Do you use a hand held scanner?

  17. I've done this in the past and cannot possibly recommend anyone trying this. The fees have become so steep that if you buy an item for $5 and sell it for $20 you will typically lose money. Finding something for sale with good enough margins to turn a profit is close to impossible now a days.

  18. Thanks for the video, very informative, keep the good job

  19. I'm just starting my amazon business and everything that I scan comes up restricted. Why? I've been to Ollies, Walmart, Target, Marshalls etc. What types of items are good to start with?

  20. I tried to sign up for Amazon seller, it said that I have to pay 39.99 a month to use the service. Do you know if that is new or what it covers?

  21. 10:30 ctfu not the one i went to, i was in the clearance and the item was one clearance for $39 and retail at $39 :/

  22. K N

    Very helpful thank you

  23. Crap, luckily I just started. I wasn’t clicking further into the fees. Tfs

  24. how do you ship the stuff to Amazon.? do they pick it up?does it matter what you ship it to amazon in?

  25. is there a windows version of this

  26. You said the app was free they want 39 bucks to start…

  27. How do i get the free option? When I log in it wants to charge me 39.99

  28. I have an honest question here. IF I am not allowed to sell brand name products ? Whats the point ? How would I be able to make any money at this ?

  29. I'm a long time Amazon seller and I must point out a huge error in your video. When scanning your book in this app you said the low price on Amazon is $15.15. You went on to say this is the buy box price. I can tell you that 90% of the time there are other non-buy box sellers, on every Amazon listing, with a lower price than the buy box price…much lower often times. Also, there is no way in the world that book will ship for less than $6 on book rate. To summarize people will find that out of 100 product scans at Walmart, Goodwill, Costco etc. only 2 or 3 items will sell on Amazon for a profit and they are most likely slow selling products.

  30. Seth, great accurate MEATY tutorial. You are such a good teacher, Sir!

  31. Your video helped me a lot thank you sweetheart

  32. Hi. Where can i get the. Sku cpu. Dont remember which to send products pls

  33. when your selling something new dont it have to be package because you have to put skus. i know you dont have to have a bag or box for a book but what about product from manufactures?


  35. Wait, so I can shop at Walmart for example and then sell it on the app? I am very new to this and very interested please help.

    ps: great content

  36. Please go in depth in regards to the rule of 30?

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