How to Save Time With Instagram Quick Replies for Direct Messages

How to Save Time With Instagram Quick Replies for Direct Messages

Do you use Instagram Direct Messages for customer service and follower engagement? Tired of typing the same messages to answer frequently asked questions over and over?

Instagram expert Jenn Herman explains how Instagram Quick Replies can save you time when responding to your audience via Direct Messages.

You’ll learn how to set up, access and use Instagram Quick Replies for business. You’ll also discover several business uses for Quick Replies, and find out how to repurpose existing messages for use as Quick Replies.

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8 Thoughts to “How to Save Time With Instagram Quick Replies for Direct Messages”

  1. Great, thank you, so helpful.

  2. OMG, this is a game-changer (and time saver)!! Thank you so much! Also… unrelated, but I'd love to know: How do you have no glare on your glasses??? Is that really, really careful lighting, or do you have special glasses? This is such a bugaboo for me.

  3. Hmmm…my screen is different. The shortcut is at top and message at bottom, but sadly, there's no way to get to the bottom once I put in the shortcut. I am clicking NEXT but nothing happens. The message area is hidden by the keyboard. Glitch. Guess I'll try in a week or so once FB gets their act together.

  4. Hi
    Creator profiles do have quick replies – I'm definitely a creator profile and I was able to follow along with you 🙂

  5. Can u help me how to schedule instagram message?

  6. "Short cut" is before messages and will not allow to go to "next" unable to put message

  7. Hey how can i get a help from you..!?

  8. Great! Is there a way to integrate Manychat with Instagrams Quick Replies?

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