How To Retail Arbitrage | Find Hidden Clearance Deals at Walmart

How To Retail Arbitrage | Find Hidden Clearance Deals at Walmart

How To Retail Arbitrage | Find Hidden Clearance Deals at Walmart. Look at all these deals at Walmart you can find hidden in the clearance aisle. Retail Arbitrage is hard at Walmart but you can find stuff in the clearance aisle to sell on amazon fba or a Walmart haul to keep for yourself. The prices are not always what they seem to be in the Walmart Clearance. So come shop with me, this is how to make money and work from home on amazon fba 2019.

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17 Thoughts to “How To Retail Arbitrage | Find Hidden Clearance Deals at Walmart”

  1. So basically you buy stuff from stores and resale them online and make more money

  2. I wouldn't necessarily call it hidden clearance, it's just clearance that's been sitting around longer so they mark it down even more than it was already marked down. The employees just don't always re-price it. Super helpful tip for everyone though! Get that $$$

  3. top tip Shane , i have found prices to be inccorect, on many items ! Cheers

  4. Great video Shane. The whispering clearance sage.

  5. What screen record app do you use? I cant seem to find a good one for samsung….

  6. Correct. Discovered this by total accident. Things marked as clearance item many times are actually much much lower when scanned with an instore price scanner.

  7. I'm just getting started and I'm worried about what to write in the space in Seller Central where they ask for my supplier info??? Do I write in Walmart (where I bought the stuff) or do I make up some fake supplier info? Thanks for the inspiration man…

  8. i found my walmart scanner app didn't work on non clearance items. is that correct, or just me? works fine on clearance, but aren't some non clearance items worth checking for hidden discounts?

  9. I’m glad to learn this. All the tagged Walmart clearance items I checked comps on we’re going for eBay prices.

  10. most stores dont update price stickers once it makes it to the clearance aisle. definitely use thr Wm app to check. great advice!

  11. The Walmart app is priceless!

  12. Thanks for the tip man. I do storage units mainly . But have found some good stuff . Come check me out

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