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How to Redirect Users after Successful Login in WordPress

How to Redirect Users after Successful Login in WordPress

Are you wanting to redirect users to a specific page after they log in to your WordPress site? Depending on the user’s role WordPress normally sends them to the dashboard or their profile in the admin area. In this video, we’ll cover two methods to redirect users after they successfully log in to WordPress.

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For the first method we’ll cover, we will be using Peter’s Login Redirect plugin found here:


Once you install and activate the plugin you will want to go under Settings, Login/logout Redirects to set up the plugin’s settings. In the settings page, you can choose to redirect for a specific user once they log in, or a specific user role and you can check under the plugin settings to decide what capability a user needs to edit the options, we recommend install plugins to limit this to admin users. Don’t forget to save the specific sections and the options page itself to ensure that it saves all of your customizations.

For the second method we recommend, we will be using WPForms Pro version to create our login page. Once you install and activate the plugin (you can receive a discount with the code above) you would activate the user registration addon and create a new form, ours will start with the preset User Login Form template. With the form setup, under Settings, Confirmation we will set the confirmation to go to a URL of our choice and save the settings.

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11 thoughts on “How to Redirect Users after Successful Login in WordPress

  1. How and where can I add User Name and their passwords ? How many Users can I add ? Thanks in advance

  2. Great video. Now can we get one that doesn't involve a plugin? Im using the 'login_redirect' hook. My function fires as desired. It just doesn't go to the desired URL. I used home_url('/slug-name') and used the complete URL. Neither worked

  3. Hey! I want to restrict specific page to get accessed by the users only who are logged in (login pop up should be shown on that page) Only after login user can access or read that page. So is there any plugin or any other way for it??

  4. Am I able to have users create an account through a plug-in like Ultimate Membership Pro and then direct that specific user to their own page?

  5. that was usefull i subscribe for you

  6. I need HELP please ! I can't spend another 12 hours trying to fix my issue. I have a Login and Logout issue for customers. When you click Login (nothing happens, redirects to my account page) doesn't log you in. It magically Logged me in but now I cannot Logout as a customer. I have tried looking into my pages, my appearance menus list, my plugins, Tried editing it with my theme and nothing… Please Help

  7. thanks, youll gays worked my problem!

  8. Thanks for the video but have tried to use peter's login but it is not redirecting me to my home page…. What might be the problem

  9. How do I bypass the log in screen after the user has received email confirmation

  10. Bit what about WordPress.com users? This seems only to work for .org. I don't wish to change right now so how do I go about installing a privacy policy page/button/pop-up despite this? Thanky you.

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