How to Recover (ACTIVATE) a Disabled Facebook Ads Account

How to Recover (ACTIVATE) a Disabled Facebook Ads Account

Did Facebook shut down your Facebook ads account? Don’t panic. This “How to Recover (ACTIVATE) a Disabled Facebook Ads Account” video will explain exactly how you can reach out to Facebook support to appeal the decision to deactivate an advertising account, whether you own the account or you manage the account on behalf of a client.

You’ll discover what information you’ll need to provide to Facebook, how to follow up on the progress of your appeal, and 5 tips to help you avoid having your account shut down in the future.

Links mentioned in the video:

1. Request Review of Restricted Ad Account:

2. Support Inbox:

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Did Facebook suspend your Facebook ads account? Wondering how to appeal the decision and get your ads up and running again?

The behaviors that typically trigger these red flags fall into two categories:

High negative feedback percentages
Not following Facebook’s Advertising Policies
According to Facebook, “our Advertising Policies provide guidance on what types of ad content are allowed. When advertisers place an order, each ad is reviewed against these policies.”

If you’re not familiar with Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines, start getting up to speed now. It’s the entire rulebook of Facebook advertising in one spot. Everything that is or isn’t allowed. Everything that’s a gray area or a big ol’ red flag.

Most people think they can dance around the policies and then they get upset when they’re in direct violation and lose their account. Remember, it’s not Facebook, it’s you. Very rarely do ad accounts get disabled for no good reason.
First, jump into Ads Manager. Typically, you’ll see a red bar informing you the account has been disabled. Click Contact Us to submit your appeal and get your account back up and running.
If you don’t see the red bar, perhaps you’ve gotten an email that told you your account has been disabled. Follow the instructions in the email to submit your appeal.
Once you’ve submitted your appeal in Ads Manager, there are additional ways you can reach out to Facebook support to increase your chances of getting your ad account reinstated.

To do that, click the question mark icon at the top-right corner of your ad account. Then scroll all the way to the bottom to the blue link that says, “Still need help?” or “Help Center.”
If instant chat isn’t available, you can submit a form to file a complaint about your account closure. On this form, tell Facebook about the situation and make your case.
If the banned advertising account doesn’t show up in the drop-down menu under Advertising Account ID, add your ID to the description box below along with other pertinent details to help Facebook investigate.
To find your advertising account ID, head back into Ads Manager. Go to the URL in the address bar at the top of the page and copy your account number. It’s the long string of numbers after “act=”.

Give Facebook this account number, not your Business Manager ID.

From here, all you have to do is provide Facebook with the details they’ll need to confirm your ad account compliance, if you believe you weren’t at fault for the account being disabled.

Note: Once you submit your appeal, it may feel like it takes forever for Facebook to get back to you. You can track the status of your appeal at
In the support inbox, view the case status (i.e., open or closed) and the results of each unique case. If the appeal comes back and it isn’t in your favor, this is where you can respond if you disagree with Facebook’s decision.

Best-case scenario: Facebook reinstates your ad account. This would be a huge win because you save all of your hard work inside of the.

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