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How To PUBLISH a Children's Book on AMAZON in 10 MINUTES!

How To PUBLISH a Children's Book on AMAZON in 10 MINUTES!

Got a dream to be a published author?
Or to create a book for your children or grandchildren?
It’s SO easy to publish books today – watch how I do it here in less than 10 MINUTES!
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29 thoughts on “How To PUBLISH a Children's Book on AMAZON in 10 MINUTES!

  1. Fantastic video !!!
    So how or where did you get all the drawings and background done for your books🙄? Was it Amazon as well or what website you recommend? Thanks!

  2. So a couple of years later, I still see your book online. So cute! That said, it only has two reviews. Do you usually only make a couple of sales per book or do people usually buy and not review it?

  3. Great video!! I do have one question though, HOW do you make the book/pdf you upload? Do you make it yourself, and if so, what program do you use? I am interested in making a picture book, but I am not sure how to design it.

  4. How do the taxes work I’m so confused!?

  5. What sort of application or website do you use though to create the pages? I’m sorry if I somehow missed that part.

  6. What if you want to publish it as ebook and physical copy? Can you do two listings?

  7. Straight forward tutorial. Very informative! Immediate sub.

  8. I LOVE THAT VIDEO! Thank you! Soo clear, simple explanation 🥳🌺

  9. Greeting Sarah. Thank you for the very informative explanation. You have an excellent presentation and energetic, upbeat pacing. Good luck with your publishing.

  10. So, if someone order paperback version of book I post on Amazon, guys on Amazon will print and deliver to customer. Does it mean I dont have to do anything with printing stuff and sending book?

  11. Thank you for all the great information!

  12. How many pages should a kindle e-book roughly be? As in the actual content inside

  13. Hi, can i ask please…when you actually make the PDF manuscript, can it originate from a standard A4 word document and the system will automatically resize it to fit?

  14. 100 years Australian internet 😂😂😂🔥

  15. what are the dimensions for you cover book (paperback). Mines is 11×9 its way too large I only see my name at the bottom.

  16. So when it ask for author what do we put? I didn't want to put myself and then I find myself being sued..

  17. I have so many ideas for kids books but how do we get illustrations

  18. Can I just say you have been the ONLY one to actually explain this correctly. Thank God for you and your patience ☺️😂

  19. Hi Sarah! I’m a beginner writer. I am curious do you design/draw the pictures for your book as well? And if so, can you recommend any programs that help you create the animation/pictures?

  20. I cant thank you enough for posting this video. Ive been researching for almost 2 months on how to do this

  21. Thanks Sarah you made me find my way😇 I am very much interested in writing.
    Love from India🇮🇳

  22. thank you for showing and not charging the public something this easy !!! I had no clue how to upload lol

  23. Hi sarah can i just ask did you upload your book artwork and illustrations as the manuscript?? and the cover is seperate?

  24. Does the book need to be made of 72 pages? Or is there a way to publish a book with a smaller amount of pages?

  25. i dont have an iban number or bic code i am based in the uk help???

  26. Thanks! Could both be an option? That is, have amason sell them and print a bunch for myself to sell?

  27. Curious, has anyone done one of these? what kind of financial success did you have?

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