How To Promote Your Hair Business On Instagram. MAJOR Keys That Can Make Or Break Your Company!

How To Promote Your Hair Business On Instagram. MAJOR Keys That Can Make Or Break Your Company!

How To Promote Your Hair, Lash, Jewelery Business On Instagram In 2019. 5 Do’s And Don’ts To Consider When Running A Business On The Gram!!

Hey sis!

These tips can be helpful to many business owners.

I hope this video was helpful to at least one person! These are the most common mistakes I see new business owners making. If you’ve done one or more of these, don’t feel bad, just correct it and move forward. Let me know in the comments what other videos you’d like to see.


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  23. is it okay to have a sale when you have just opened your business??Could it be in a month after opening it or could I do a open business sale ?

  24. What’s the cheapest way to ship? What company or software do you use for shipping labels?


  26. I love you I swear lol.. the way you say it is like the nicest way but gets the point across 🤣 but you are absolutely right and it’s sad it’s enough for everyone to eat you just gotta apply YASELF PERIODT!

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  29. Man sis everytime I'm feeling down you make feel a lil better about my hair company

  30. Hoping to get my first sale soon. I’ve been using Facebook and Instagram ads to promote my business.

  31. I was looking for how I would promote my hair business on instagram, and I came across your video.
    Thank you very much for the information

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  33. hello if anyone from Atl know if its legal to give out business cards for your business asking for HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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