How to promote your art on social media

How to promote your art on social media

If you’re an artist or musician looking for tips and tricks to promote your work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Jonathan shares 5 do’s and don’t’s for self promotion as an artist, and how you can use social media to build engagement with your audience.

Many artists feel they’re not good at social media, or want to make their work available, but not annoy their friends with spam or self-promo. But there are healthy ways to share your work and build engagement too!

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Recorded on the Lumix GH5 with 12-35mm lens.
Edited in Premiere Pro.


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27 Thoughts to “How to promote your art on social media”

  1. If you have any questions on social media or tips and things that have helped you with social media, feel free to share them in the comments!

  2. Aloha Jonathan, I really enjoyed all of the information on your video…I am a fused glass artist on the Big Island of Hawaii with a brand new website and ready to learn all about promoting it! Thanks for the information!

  3. So do you mind if share my graphic with you?

  4. thanks this is very helpful

  5. What art galleries take new artists that are not well known in the art world.???

  6. why do social media companies want Government ID .?

  7. i want to promote my abstract oil paintings online .?

  8. That's wonderful.. Thank you

    Let's connect with eachother fellow artists

  9. I thought this would have more views

  10. This isn’t question related to the video but… that room looks really cool!! Could you make a video just showing and explaining your room??

  11. In a world of fake, fabricated, click baity, junk food media – it is really refreshing to hear your words and the heart behind them. Most days I want to just throw all of social media away, but hearing you talk about it with such authenticity you give me hope that it isn't all dross out there.

    Thank you for the work that you do, and for being a good example to follow in how to do art/social media with authenticity.

  12. super helpful :), also seen my post on there hehe

  13. After this vid I am actually thinking about starting to post my drawings or caligraphic quotes through Instagram as well… So thanks for inspiration.

  14. This was so helpful! Also dead at 3:48

  15. Echoing what everyone else is saying: perfect timing!!👌

  16. Wow man! Awesome video! So useful! Thank you!

  17. Is there a Facebook group where all artists can share their art, give/recieve feedback and be part of the Set Sail community?

  18. This video came at the right time thank you

  19. Really helpful tips, thanks Jonathan!

  20. This is so timely. I'm about to announce the completion of a Christian graphic novel I've been working on for 2 years. Really want to do it right!

  21. Awesome! I missed the set sail's videos, I'm glad you are back. I really appreciate your work, and hope one day it will be me sharing my art. You are my inspiration! God bless you all. Greetings from Brazil.

  22. The clip from Real Housewives is way too frightening…
    As always, I enjoy Set Sail and the music Rivers and Robots puts out. 💯♥️✝️😄🐥🙏🕊️ God bless you guys.

  23. did you just switch from coffee to tea? high five! thanks for the video bro! honestly I'm about to start new content about the things I love to do at work. it's a very acquired taste! in the real world I'm a podiatrist so I help people with any leg problems especially people who can't cut their INSANELY weird toenails! I really think I can make a video of these appointments with me helping people while restoring their nails.

  24. God’s timing is so perfect! He has been telling me the last couple of weeks that I need to share my artwork and not just keep it to myself. I just didn’t know how to go about doing that. So I’ve being praying for answer and today he gave me an answer! Hallelujah! Thank you

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