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22 Thoughts to “How to promote & sell merch on Instagram”

  1. Hi, I’ve been trying to find out more info on the up-sell function – I activated it and tested in my own cart with a few items but I can’t seem to see the discount being reflected?? It’d be great if anyone could advise – I emailed to the customer service but haven’t received any reply in 2 wks already!!!


  3. Can't wait too start merch. Thanx.

  4. Thanks for great video. Kate ! I didn't get any sales so far.. haha I know I just uploaded only 80 posts so far..
    but not easy,… Not sure I have to spend money in ADs or not..

  5. i have 8 days on Teespring & 50 design & insta page , 100+ store visit , but no sales ):

  6. Por favor se puede hacer tutoriales en español ,o traducir los que tienen?

  7. I am excited to make my first sales on Teespring

  8. hello how do i copy my teespring store link so i can put it on my instagram account because im on phone and i dont know how to copy my store link so i can put it on my instagram

  9. I tried some of these & i recently shared my newest designs on my Instagram @georgio_asmr & the post got over 30 likes. The problem is no one wont even buy my shirts despite the likes i got. Not even my followers. All of my teespring merch is affordable. My shirts are $19 & women's ones are $17. I probably don't have a supportive following yet. If you could, could you check out my teespring & give me some pointers. I'd appreciate any feedback on my shop.

  10. HI may I know that for very new sellers on TeeSpring, because they don't have any trust scores and social media followers yet, in this case, TeeSpring will never promote their T-shirts am I right? Is there anyway to solve this issue or they have to just give up by themselves?

  11. Really good info. Love You ALL.

  12. Hi what is next print option in Teespring listing? Eventhough I did not generate any sales will I have to pay?

  13. Hello sir, I am a person working in your store Sir, I have accidentally bought a t-shirt. Please tell me how do I cancel because I do not have the ability to buy.

  14. i really dont understand the procedure to do promotion online can you plz guide me in detail

  15. hello friend i would like to know a question how long does the payment process take once the sale is made

  16. Can we add products directly from our Teespring store to Instagram store so we can tag them? (Without Facebook store/catalogue)

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