How To Promote ClickBank Products with Facebook Ads 2020 | Full Case Study and Tutorial

How To Promote ClickBank Products with Facebook Ads 2020 | Full Case Study and Tutorial

How To Promote ClickBank Products with Facebook Ads In 2020
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Here’s what you will learn:
– How to pick the right ClickBank offer
– Building the landing page (THE RIGHT WAY)
– How to configure the tracker for it (BeMob)
– How to configure Facebook Ads: Targeting, Demographics, Optimization, CBO, etc.
– And much, much more…
– BONUS: Stay until the end of the video for a special bonus

A lot of people get confused as to how exactly promote Clickbank Offers with Facebook Ads, but you will know everything you need to know after this video.

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23 Thoughts to “How To Promote ClickBank Products with Facebook Ads 2020 | Full Case Study and Tutorial”

  1. wow really coll video…this is very helpful video for us. I wouldn't know that how to promote clickbank products
    Thanks a lot for video
    some information like you i have provided in my gig description. I have offered 2M USA real users for any business sites.If anybody gets this offer fastly check my gig. Besides i am giving extra 10000 users for free

  2. Thank you for responding to my comment promptly. I had picked a weight lose product, does this mean i should pick another niche then? I will rely on your advice. And please help me set it up.. "weird request" But seriously help me. I would like to at least make my first dollar with this method…so excited to find such value content especially during the lock down. Keep well James.

  3. But where do you create landing page

  4. Did you create the landing page on clickbank itself?

  5. Thanks so much James. I cant believe you walked us through this step by step for free. I have been looking for a way to promote my click bank product and was now considering joining one of the courses. Thanks once again James.

  6. how to create the landing page please help !!!

  7. this is BS. you will get banned by FB instantly if promote affiliate.

  8. hi james do you really make good money with this method without collecting customers emails?

  9. This Secured. kim ( simply Google with no spaces ) was amazing. I never even knew about the CB affiliate marketing with Facebook Ads [ BEST & EASIEST way to make money online in the comfort of your own home… ]

  10. why you are making such videos if you are don't want to cover advance stuff ? is it rocket science?

  11. How do you track purchases if you dont own the clickbank checkout? Isn't thats where all the money is when doing Facebook Ads in the purchase Look alike audiences? otherwise its just a bunch of window shoppers. I sell physical products but want to explore affiliate marketing. For me all my sales come from the purchase LLAs.

  12. Hi, just a question, why do we need bemob, ?

  13. Hey James, My ads been running for 2 days now at $30 budget, The offer is promoting is for $37, I'm getting $0.04 a click but no conversations and I've almost spent double the $37 Clickbank commission… Please advise what should I do? Turn the ad off or wait a bit longer?

  14. Hey James, how do you use this tracker to tracker individual emails in email marketing?

  15. Hi James, Thanks for the video. Do you have a video explain how to use Clickfunnel & Clickmagick to intergrate with Facebook? to promote Clickbank Product. I usually use Clickfunnel to create Landing Page.

  16. Thank James for this amazing video. did Facebook accept that long website URL ?

  17. The content of this video very nice, keep up the good work James. Next video I would like to see is on Pinterest Ads, as I believe Pinterest will more powerful in term of making sales

  18. this offer is compliant to facebook ads policy because of facebook don't like dating offers much

  19. good video james… i know you are able to place your pixel id in the site settings inside your clickbank account so it tracks at to carts and conversions.. are you aware of this and is that the exact same as placing the pixel manually on the vendors at to cart/purchase page? thankyou

  20. Thanks for sharing, Clickbank is great

  21. How much budget required bro😊

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