How To Post On Instagram To ACTUALLY Convert Business (NINJA MARKETING TRICKS!)

How To Post On Instagram To ACTUALLY Convert Business (NINJA MARKETING TRICKS!)

Welcome back Fruitful Investors. Today I will be talking about how to post on Instagram to convert business for yourself. Now I will say Before I get into these tips that I am a Real Estate agent and Investor. I use Instagram to attract partners and build my business. It has worked amazingly well for me. Like I always say, I have attracted all of my money partners through YouTube and Instagram.

If you’re here from my YouTube Channel then this will definitely help you build your Real Estate Investing business. But if you’re here to build your hair salon, plumber, or contracting business, these tips will also work for you. What I am going to share is universal and will work with pretty much every single business. First and foremost what you need to understand is the platform you are using to advertise your business. If you are using Facebook, it is totally different from Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Etc. You really need to understand the platform you are using. In this case we are talking about Instagram. This platform is mainly all beauty based. It’s all about and beauty, how things look. If we look at other top accounts we’ll notice that they are popular because they all have beautiful pictures. For example: travel videos, hair salon videos, workout videos, etc.

It’s all about beauty. But also what’s being missed by businesses specifically is the personal aspect. People really want to know who you are as a person behind the business. If you share with people who you really are they will trust you as a friend, as a human being. You know one of the best compliments I get from all the networking events are “Mat I feel like I already know you, I feel like we are friends”. That is exactly what you want to do when you are building a business. This is the thing a lot of people don’t understand. They are just pushing content, selling, showing beauty on Instagram, but are not sharing the personal aspect. There are two ways pretty much on how we can post on Instagram and advertise successfully.


So you post a picture on your front or main page. This is where you want to focus on the beauty. If we’re talking about real estate investing specifically, it’s the perfect industry for this. If you finish a project with a partner you can show how beautiful it is, the transformation, what it looks like, etc. People love home transformations. Or if you are doing a hair salon like I said you can show the beautiful hairdo you did with your client etc. Post that, people love to see it. So beauty, beauty, beauty on the post. But again, this is where people focus on the most. What they are forgetting about is the second aspect of posting and that is:


This is where you are really going to sell people and convert business for yourself if you use it strategically. So as I said the Posts are all about beauty (sell, sell, sell kind of thing), while the stories are about who YOU are behind the business. There are some good strategies that you can use.

You want to share some of your everyday life in your business while also sharing your everyday life OUTSIDE of your business. If I had to give it a percentage I would say 60-70% of your stories should be about your business, while 30-40% should be personal. What do you do outside of your business? Are you into rock climbing, are you into skiing, or snowboarding etc. What are your interests to really show the audience who you are as a person. The more they feel like they know you and can relate to you, the more they will want to do business with you. This is exactly the strategy I am using for my Insta stories. If you go on my Instagram you can check it out. See how I do it, copy and replicate it because it’s working really well.

I get a lot of DM’s every single day from people saying “I see what you are doing, I like it, I want in”. On top of that my YouTube Channel is doing the same exact thing with a higher production value, while Instagram is the more nitty gritty. So that’s how you really want to use Instagram. The posts are for beauty, to sell your business and why you are the best. The Insta stories take the audience behind the curtain and showing what your everyday life is like. I am telling you, this is what’s going to sell your Joint Venture partners to actually invest with you, or gaining your hair salon etc.

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  1. Great value here, Matt! I've been successful growing the platform on IG, but I haven't been able to monetize using it. This should help me be on my way! Thanks Matt!

  2. Lots of great info but you can definitely keep things moving quicker

  3. The power of targeted marketing is real! Why try to create content for everyone on the planet when you can sculpt your marketing for that one perfect person, and then target them for only a few bucks a day. Great stuff, Mat!

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