How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing – Step-by-Step Amazon SEO Tutorial

How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing - Step-by-Step Amazon SEO Tutorial

▶ Start optimizing now:

Amazon listing optimization in 2018 is an ART (persuasive sales copy) and a SCIENCE (keyword research). Optimize properly and you’ll rank higher and get more traffic and conversions. This tutorial is perfect for marketers, entrepreneurs, startups, and anyone running an Amazon FBA business.

We cover the 10 things that make a winning listing:


Resources mentioned in the video:

Optimize Listings for Search & Browse (Amazon)

Google Keyword Planner Tool:

Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions (Amazon)

How Do I Write a Great Title? (Amazon)

Categories and Products Requiring Approval:

Product Photo Requirements (Amazon)

▶ Pick winning products:

▶ Start optimizing now:


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20 Thoughts to “How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing – Step-by-Step Amazon SEO Tutorial”

  1. Thanks Patrick. I watched this video last night and this morning and did a lot, if not most of the recommendations on my and .com listing and the earlier result is very good. We just recently launched our new product on Amazon and our listing was low to put it mild. The rank on was around 165,000 after the changes it went up to around 60,000 in just hours! Thank you and I do expect we'll be talking soon.

  2. 100% Grantee Rank On Amazon/ebay First Page.


  3. Amazing informative video! Thanks for going in depth, it's very helpful. 😀

  4. This guy is REALLY GOOD. He should be teaching at Harvard.

  5. I went back and checked…. yes the thumbnail of this video is different to all the other thumbnails.

    Well played @Asteroid Aim… well played. This physician can heal thyself. There are only 2 videos with the same thumbnail "style".

  6. Ok quick question for search words in the back.
    If I have for example "Tactical Flashlight" in my title as a main keyword ( or important keyword in the title ) and I want to put in the search terms "72 hr Tactical Flashlight" is going to be looked as duplicate by AMZ, right ?
    The reason why I want to insert "72 hr Tactical Flashlight" in the search terms is because it has a lot of search volume on Merchant Words separate from "Tactical Flashlight" which is already in.
    Hope it makes sense. Thanks.

  7. I hired a great copywriting team for my listings, give them a try you won't regret it 🙂

  8. Thanks for the video, what's your opinion on using the word 'Premium' as the first word in your title before your top keyword if you are striving to appear as a higher quality listing over your competitors?

  9. I can recommend for listing optimation. Great company!

  10. Most listings seem to lead with the brand name first. Are they losing ranking because of this?

  11. Thanks for your sharing. It is a great content to introduce how to optimize your Amazon Listings. To be honest, the Amazon Listings optimized are difficult. They touch on multiple aspects of Amazon. It is so lucky for us to know how to optimize the Amazon Listings in-depth. There is a pretty good article to introduce about Amazon Listings(This one:
    Maybe we can combine to know more the knowledge.

  12. Love this video and how clearly you explain things. Also, Eckhart Tolle reference for the win! Subscribed ✔️

  13. Optimize amazon listings actually you can use a software amazonchief Hola Anna. Gracias por el video, muy bueno. Tengo la siguiente pregunta: hay manera de compartir un post a uno o varios grupos de Facebook? भाई आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद जो अप ने ये ट्रिक हमें बताई बहुत बहुत सुक्रिया

  14. "Occams Razor: the original dollar shave club" LMAO that was a subscribe right there

  15. The separator ( | ) is called a PIPE, at least in the world of computer programmers 🙂 fantastic Tut by the way!

  16. Amazon ranking methods, An Amazon SEO service provider can give desired rank position of your product

  17. Thank you very much.. one of the best videos on Amazon that I have ever seen!!!!!

  18. Sorry, man , but you are not a good video presenter. First, you speed-talk as if we should know this anyway and you can't wait to get through your presentation. You seem to be preaching to the converted butthis is NO HELP for us beginners, no help at all!! FAR TOO FAST, man! You are WAY too fast here for learners. Slow down! I got a third of the way through your 'tutorial' and gave up. I realized you are on speed or something. I could NOT follow you. You do not seem to respect the attention span of your viewers. This is an incredibly bad video!!

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