How To Never Get Your Facebook Ads Account Banned

How To Never Get Your Facebook Ads Account Banned

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If you are running a Shopify Dropshipping Store and are using Facebook Ads you probably know this issue too well…
Your ads are starting to do well, you start scaling to increase your profits and out of nowhere, Facebook bans your ad account for absolutely no reason.

Unfortunately, this is something that we dropshippers have to deal with all the time. But there are some steps you can take to prevent your ad account from getting banned. The same also goes to not get your business manager account banned, your Facebook pixel banned or the advertising for your account to be disabled all together.

In this Video I have compiled my top strategies on how to prevent these things from happening, and how to (almost) never get your Facebook accounts banned anymore. And even if it does get banned, I will also show you strategies on how you can prepare yourself so your business won’t be affected in case an unpredictable nightmare like this happens again.

I will show you how to have backups for every account possible, how to create multiple business manager accounts, how to have multiple pixels on one shopify store and how to improve your customer feedback score. Don’t get your ad account banned ever again!


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20 Thoughts to “How To Never Get Your Facebook Ads Account Banned”

  1. what if i get my page gets banned??? should i jus make a new one and new adds or what should i do?

  2. I appreciate you mate. Good fucking viddd. MAKE MOREEEE TIPSSSSS. This helped a lot. Would love to get in contact with you.

  3. If facebook shuted down your ad account you can refund all your money that u spend on ads

  4. I boutht now the fb account for $19 but after i bought this i saw that this account is only for marketplace michael! Now i lost my money for nothin

  5. Bro thanks for your best content I request you as a friend on Facebook can please reply for me

  6. Bro thanks for your best content I request you as a friend on Facebook can please reply for me

  7. hey man you always have great info, what did you mean by 'share to your private facebook account' when you were speaking about a friend making a business manager and adding you. Do you use multiple facebook accounts? Is it bad if they share to your primary facebook account? Thanks

  8. I have 7 ad accounts and 1 ad account just got banned for the second time and i got an email saying its disabled final decision. So right now i have 6 ad account active and 1 disable for good. would i have any problems with the other ad accounts just because i have that one banned?

  9. Hello guys…. James_hack07 on IG he me reactivate my Ad Account in few minutes. He's a pro guys

  10. Guys, does playerup actually work? What happens when Facebook eventually asks you to do an identity check? What about payment methods?

  11. Hi Mike, I always wish you have the notes to your contents in your description, it helps alot

  12. Hey Michae! I've sent a message in Instagram with my question a week ago but you still didn't answer. 😥 can you please check it out?🙏 I really need your help with my question, it's about your vid about Brand general store. My insta: urusure

  13. Did you use Can it possible if you are from US but you bought an account from UK then should we use VPN, then can we use credit card or debit card from US? I am confused man 🙁

  14. Does our ads get bad once we pause the ads and restart them again?

  15. So exciting! Keep up you’re good work!!

  16. You know your stuff 🙂

  17. The Facebook group is not in the description!

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