How To Market Your Business in 2020 with Gary Vee's 'Crushing It'

How To Market Your Business in 2020 with Gary Vee's 'Crushing It'

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In today’s video I want to talk about how YOU can leverage the power of social media to your advantage with the help of Gary Vee’s 2018 book “Crushing It!”. This book is basically a revised version of one of his former books called “Crush It!” and at the core of its message are the endless opportunities modern social media offers for creators, businesses and freelancers, so people just like you and me, all over the world.

We all spend so much time at work, why waste that time doing anything other than what we love most? Life’s too short for that. And when it comes to professional opportunities, today is the best time to be alive in humankind, because as he puts it: Social Media=Business; and he doesn’t want anyone to waste these opportunities.

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