How To Make Your First $100 With Clickbank Using Facebook Ads [AFFILIATE MARKETING]

How To Make Your First $100 With Clickbank Using Facebook Ads [AFFILIATE MARKETING]

Want to learn how to make $100 a day with Clickbank using Facebook ads? In this video,
you will see exactly how to set up your campaign so you can start making money online with affiliate marketing and get the results you want to see.

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*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only.


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41 Thoughts to “How To Make Your First $100 With Clickbank Using Facebook Ads [AFFILIATE MARKETING]”

  1. Colin your videos is very useful
    I like you content really useful content.wael Egypt

  2. Usually, I don't leave comments. But you are very good at what you do. I like your accent. It is specific. I love Holland. I worked there for many years. Bravo

  3. how do i get this sweepstake funnel

  4. Thanks Colin, very helpful!

  5. Great video Colin. B/w, I requested to join your Facebook group but my request has not been accepted yet?

  6. Interesting to find out that you are promoting a video for affiliate marketers, that make money out of conversions, but you are not even explaining how to track conversions in facebook ads or even setting the campaign to optimize for conversions. is that on purpose or you have a more advanced video that shows how to track conversions?

  7. any possibility to see the results after a couple weeks doing this? Personally I feel that taking a quiz might turn down people

  8. 2:27 bible studies, not that interesting lol. Colin for President loool.

  9. Hi Colin, this a great video and i learn IM a lot from you. I just wondering what software you used to record or making this video?

  10. You are one of the best trainers out there. And I like the fact that you are from the Netherlands… You are one of the best business people anyway – since I got to visit the Aalsmeer Flower Auction market. And I will never understand how smart people like you could loose Indonesia…
    I will watch this video carefully a number of times.

  11. The word you’re looking for is disobedient 😂

  12. Is it ok to do FB ad > Optin Page > Clickbank VSL?? or is that too risky for getting my Facebook Ad account banned. I know going from FB Ad > VSL will get you banned.

  13. how do you conect pay pal to get payed? i have left 165 euros to my ad account and i need to get em xD

  14. Disobedient is the word you are after.✅

  15. Hi Colin, I'm new to your channel, thank you for this detailed tutorial! One thing though, I didn't think it was allowed to use just any image from Google images unless you have the correct licence, so you could get into trouble. Have you tried an ad with an image of disobedient dog vs a happy dog with happy owner image, which converts better?

  16. Hi Colin. What does "Nutra" mean? Saw you mentioned it while going through the keto and paleo offers..

  17. Would of loved to have seen the ad after publication and the results. THAT would have been really helpful.

  18. So you do the ads using your normal page with your face?

  19. please send me the FB group link

  20. What is name of your Facebook group?…How to get this funnel free?

  21. Colin your tutorial is simple, easy to understand and good. I can't see Facebook, Instagram, and other ads template in my newly signed up click funnels account. How can I get a copy?

  22. Nice content Colin. Just did a similar campaign, facebook rejected my ads,

    reason = 32. Unacceptable Business Practices

    Ads that link to websites that offer free trials for new customers that sign up for a service

    Ads that link directly to official visa websites or websites that inform users about visa requirements without promising any outcome

    Ads promoting background checks that claim to sell access to personal information

    Ads that promote products or services that claim to boost Facebook or Instagram likes or followers

    Ads that promote schemes or services that claim to guarantee a visa without any requirements

    Ads that feature a picture of a public figure to mislead users into buying a scam product

    What should I do?

  23. Also one more question, please. On who's account do you post the add on? I'm curious

  24. Hello great video were did you put your affiliate link at.

  25. Hey colin how are you ? Quick question how you find upsale products on clickbank?

  26. I followed every step in your video and published my ad on Facebook, but FB did not approve my campaign. Do you know any reason why this would happen? They didn't even send me an email explaining what I did wrong/what to fix, so I don't know where to start to change

  27. Great share Colin – when choosing an affiliate offer, have you found that the type of offer page work best with this quiz method? For example video sales letters vs long sales letter offers?

  28. Hey, nice video. Just a question in regards to the fanpage: you used your personal page to create the ad although your page is not about dog training.
    Is it possible to create different campaigns in different niches with one single fan page? Even let's say if it has no followers?

  29. Give me your Clickfunnels Affiliate link that i use to sign up,
    Who knows, If what u gave in the video worked with me, I may be an Active member on Clickfunnels =D !!

  30. How much we I have to invest in facebook ads to get 100 dollar daily

  31. Hi Colin.. Amazing content once again. Strategy looks workable. Also you mentioned in the video that the template for the quiz landing page is in your Facebook group. I have found the post that is for this video but can't find the template. Could you help me find it? I have joined your Facebook group recently..

  32. I really like this guy. He's funny and seems legit.

  33. I have a couple of my friends told me that they just wasted their money on Clickbank and facebook promotion.
    an explanation was that FB doesn't like ClickBank products, please can you elaborate this Colin?
    Are they direct linking, maybe?

  34. Great content but clickfunnels is 300 per month. Nobody wants to pay that just getting started

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