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How to Make Your Creative Work Harder | GaryVee Audio Experience

How to Make Your Creative Work Harder | GaryVee Audio Experience

In this episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience Gary sits with the winner from his community text challenge, Theresa Fitzpatrick Stover, to talk about her business and how to scale it using social media. The best piece of advice Gary had for them and all small businesses are to create as much contextual content as possible to as many different audiences they are capable of reaching. When you try to make one piece of content appeal to everybody, it ends up being too bland and appealing to nobody. The more specific and contextual you can make your content to a specific audience, the better that audience will associate with your brand.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the Chairman of VaynerX, a modern day communications parent company, as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations.
Gary is a venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an early investor in companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo and Uber. He is currently the subject of DailyVee, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO and public figure in today’s digital world. He is also the host of #AskGaryVee, a business and advice Q&A show online.

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49 thoughts on “How to Make Your Creative Work Harder | GaryVee Audio Experience

    1:40 – winners introduction
    5:10 – Context of the company
    9:50 – Where the company needs help
    11:15 – how to track sales from social media engagement
    14:20 – Making a budget for branding
    19:00 – Facebook vs Newspapers
    22:00 – Branding your content
    24:45 – Organic vs Paid
    27:00 – the benefit of a macro budget
    29: 00 – Contextual content is what works
    31:30 – What is the best format of content?
    36:00 – Ad targeting on social media

  2. Ur insights impacted my behavior. Check out some amazing business and motivation related videos on YouTube.

  3. Good sh@t! I watch this video again and sponged it up!

  4. #AskGaryVee Are 4 active YouTube channels too much for one person?

  5. great information Gary. Thank you so much for always putting up hundreds of hours of information for us to consume. I listen to your videos all the time and have purchased every book you publish. and now I am part of your wine text community and I love it.

  6. These people piss an aura of silver spoons

  7. Love u buddy. Let’s be happy ?

  8. One of Gary's best right here. The marriage between sales & branding = the only sustainable way to grow.

  9. It seems like there is zero room for people like me out here on the East Coast. I mean, every network is Christian based, doesn't like most Asians unless in the sex industry or making money for them on Wall Street. It's made social media extremely dangerous for personal safety. SO, what is left?

  10. I love you Gary… and I know I'll get some shit for this. But companies should not be resting their sales on the good intentions and limited skills of creatives willing to work for minimum wage. I do agree there is a large influx of creatives lowering the over all cost of creative over all BUT there is also a huge increase in demand that can and should gobble that up. Also brand should be OVER investing and leaning in to great creative not trying to get it for cheap… (though it is cheaper than ever) As for all the kids out there willing to work for you at $15/hr they know that they are the ones befitting. The best ways for brands and companies to get creatives for less money is simple… let them create, be exciting, give them credit, have something to say, have a story to tell. Be "cool" be "authentic". I think the best way for people to engage Teresa Stover and her company is to tell stories in different campaigns for different demos. My parents (my mom) is ALWAYS on facebook and is always sharing and posting about the things she finds interesting, great heartfelt stories… I think one campaign would be to make a short documentary about your family/father, to tell the history of their company to build the brand. Then for all the people that watch that video through re-target those people with more and more creative until you can get to an ask… (Jab, Jab, Jab right hook) The idea the being that you are drawing them into the brand so that when they think "I need a new roof" the think… I would trust the Stover's to fix it. BUT I have to tell you… you need to bring someone on that is really creative that can take something like roofing and find the story, find the angle, and lead your potential customers to engagement… No company is going to "retain" a skilled creative for very long at minimum wage, you need to create something bigger than that, you need to go deeper.

  11. good share uncle Gary, and shout out to the businesses that put themselves out there for us

  12. Gary Vee!! Sharp as Fuck !!!!!

  13. Thank you for posting this. Service providers like myself need this. Wish there was more videos on strategies for service providers.

  14. It's funny that they bring up that their customers skew older as a hurdle. My parents, in their late 50s easily spend 4x more time on Facebook than I do.

  15. Loved this one Gary! Thanks. Will watch it again because it moves so fast and there's too much to take in at one go.
    Those guys have a lot to discuss! ????


  17. People don't realize how much power the socials have
    creatives have more power than companies, they just have to put out their art!

  18. Viewer insight: I got super excited seeing that this was 42 minutes long. I know Gary is gonna deliver and I’m excited to watch. Thanks team GaryVee! ???

  19. It's difficult to keep from assumptive thinking. Its what keeps us from delving into unknown territory. Everyone I know can't understand why I'm on YouTube and social media. They assume I should advertise in the Yellow Pages and hand out flyers. ?

  20. Oh hey I listened to this on Spotify before

  21. Been using your methods lately as far as engaging with my audience. I wasn't getting a lot of comments on my videos so I started $1.80-ing like crazy. Results have been great, thanks Gary 🙂

  22. Building a business/brand with social media: it works?

  23. Gary, glad to see some small company insights on here. Thank you.

  24. I am enjoying your new text-community texts. I find them inspiring and oddly relevant to how I might be feeling at the moment or around that time-frame. They encourage me to keep moving forward, even when I am not feeling so great about myself and my business expertise. There is so much to do and learn and sometimes I get distracted by other people's success and start thinking that I will never measure up in my arena. I know things take time to blossom, and these texts help me get over and beyond the stalled moments by giving me a dose of what is actually real, in our largely synthetic and hyped up world.

  25. Just need to convince the boss to get on the same page.

  26. Contextual Content as Scale is the variable. Thanks Gary.

  27. That business seems so fucking stiff. Like no season on the turkey on thanks giving stiff. ughhh

  28. This is so fucking good. SMBs in central Illinois need to watch this. You know how many think this about traditional? Makes me mad and excited and the same time.

  29. Oh my gosh he is just a genius 😀

  30. 37:09 "Any small business that sells something is all about sales, that's why they stay small" – I had to play that again 5x to really let it sink in!

  31. Thank you, I am in this industry and have this same debate with my brother my business partner and this is gold for me

  32. This is a masterclass at zero cost, so grateful for this piece of content Gary!

  33. You can tell what Gary was explaining at 17:05 flew completely over their head LOL

  34. Loved this episode and the small business insight! Keep interviewing small business owners!

  35. anyone visit my home…i will give you back thank you

  36. So there’s a guy on LinkedIn, Roger Wakefield LEED AP, and he’s killing it. I met him at VidCon 2020. He does longform content about plumbing and he reports his client base grew exponentially.

  37. Love this because I won this contest and met Gary this time a year ago and because Gary's rocking the Marathon Clothing/Nipsey Hussle top! I have the same one! The serendipitous levels of this video for me are through the roof! ???

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